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Cuban Sandwich Dip


About a year or so ago, I was on a mission to change every famous sandwich into a dip. I made a few awesome dips out of sandwiches, but it hasn't been a feature on here for awhile. Today I am announcing that its back! There are a few more neat ideas up my sleeve for this feature, but for now, a more obvious one that I missed earlier. I love Cuban sandwiches and have played with the flavors a few times in the past, but this dip was the true essence of a Cuban in a nice bite sized form.

I was pretty upset about the fact that pickles was the only thing plural in this pic, but really pickle just didn't sound right.

Onions in with the roux

After the cheese is incorporated, the sauce gets a nice cheesy consistency.

Rest of the "stuff" is in.

Loved this dip!

It's something a little different for a party.

One of my roommates, Maureen, decided to pose for the face-stuffing shot today. 

3 tablespoons butter with about half a small onion. Cook a bit then add 2 tablespoons flour. Whisk to form a roux. Keep whisking for about 4 minutes until lightly browned. Add 3 cups milk. bring to a simmer. Reduce heat. Start adding cheese slowly after heat has come down. Approx 16 oz swiss with maybe some jack thrown in for good measure. When the sauce is nicely formed, add shredded pork, ham, mustard, and pickles to your taste. Serve with toasted baguette rounds.


Great idea! I'm always looking for ways to have more Cuban sandwiches in my life!

Interesting. It's not gelato though...

Umm yum! Totally making this for Sunday's laziness!

That sounds amazing! Great party dip!

I was waiting for this one. :)

This looks pretty amazing. Looks like I know what I'll be making for the next football game. Have you made a rueben dip yet?

Would this reheat decently...if I made it the night before and then microwaved it?

When do you mix in the electrical outlet?

This looks awesome. I'm gonna try it as a mac and cheese dish. Thanks for the recipe.

What are the amounts of pickles, mustard, pork, and ham?

Maureen looks cute, wish you could see her eyes :)

also, I need to make this dip. I love your sandwichdip ideas, you should make a lamb gyro dip!

I would love to know that as well since I would like to make it thus weekend, but don't want to buy way more meat than needed.

I would really like to know the amounts of ham, pork and pickles you used ad well. I would like to make this this weekend but don't want to have to buy a bunch o meat I won't use. Thanks!

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