Cubano Burgers

Cubano Burgers

Hello! Hello hello, sorry I’ve been away so long! I never meant to leave you… I have to admit, I got the idea for these burgers from Throwdown. You know, Bobby Flay’s show where he challenges people at their own specialty? I normally don’t like the show very much, but there was nothing on, and it was a burger challenge. If anyone can do burgers, it’s got to be Flay. The competitor was pretty interesting too. I kept the channel on and was pretty happy with all the burgers they made. My favorite was the one Bobby made to be the burger version of a Cuban sandwich. His method of pressing the burgers with a brick right on the grill was pretty neat. I liked it too because when cooking burgers for a bunch of people, normally everyone wants their bread toasted and it is kind of annoying keeping track of everything. This way you can build all the burgers on the grill and just hand them out to people.

The usual suspects for a Cuban sandwich. Where is mustard?

The burgers are just a nice ground chuck, generously salt and peppered a half hour ago. The brick is just a brick wrapped in foil. All the coals are on the left side of the grill.

Melting some butter onto the brick.  Thats a cool shirt huh?  You can buy it in my store!

The Ove-glove, the hot new must have accessory for the summer. I put these back on the cool side of the grill.

After the flip, they look amazing.

These burgers are GREAT! In retrospect, I would have made the patties slightly smaller(these were 4 to a pound of beef), but the taste was still amazing. Crispy bun, juicy meat, oozy cheese, tangy pickles and mustard. My friend joe was down visiting, and since he is a self proclaimed “Panini Freak”, these were the prefect welcome to Bermuda meal.


  1. How sublimely perfect. I was just debating spending the money and getting a cuban at my favorite restaurant, but you just solved that problem for me.
    I say to myself yet again; doh! why didn’t I think of that!

  2. the pictures remind me of white hut burgers, the way they are all squished and cheesy and delicious looking.

  3. Wow, that looks absolutely delicious! Great post, you did such a nice job presenting the pictures too…I am definitely going to have to try that recipe this weekend! Thanks 🙂

  4. Burgers, one of my obsessions and when you have obsession you tend to get a little picky. There is nothing worse than a burger with Australian sausage meat mixed into it…yuck!
    Burgers can piss me off too…
    How? When they got too much stuff in them. Here we call it ‘The Lot Burger’, everything is crammed in until it don’t taste like a burger anymore 🙁
    This burger gets the pass of approval. It’s simple, cheesy and toasted! I would have added some ketchup though and some onion in mine, i GOTTA have those in my burger : )

  5. I don’t like throwdown either – what kind of insecure yutz has to massage his personality by taking on people who enjoy cooking in their homes, when he’s backed by a chain of restaurants and the resources of a tv network. I hate him and his acne scarred face.
    Plus they let him bring in pre-prepared sauces to iron chef which should be against the rules.

  6. In your top pic you state the “Pork Element”, In the last pic you state “a pound of ground beef”, which is it Pork or Beef or both?
    ps what a great burger.

  7. Followed this recipe but on the stove. Substituted turkey bacon for ham, and then “grilled” the assembled burgers in a pan with the rendered turkey bacon fat. Delicious.

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  9. I use to work for a Cuban restaurant. This sound awesome and will be on my summer menu for sure! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Just one small point..
    You say ” The Swiss element ” is Manchego cheese..???
    Manchego cheese is Spanish.
    Good looking burger though.

  11. The “pork element”?
    The only “pork element” in your recipe is HAM.
    Hamburger is bovine not porcine and the name “hamburger ” is derived from a German city called Hamburg. I think you need to go back to elementary school. I have known the difference between beef and pork before I could even make complete sentences.
    And Manchego is a Spanish cheese not Swiss cheese.

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