Fish – In – A – Bag!

Fish – In – A – Bag!

The most common question asked of me by friends is this – “what’s
a quick, easy, healthy, and delicious dinner I can have after work tonight?” What
do you guys think I am, Rachael ray?  Well
guess what!? You’re all in luck! I am on a diet since bathing suit season
starts in a week or 2 here in Bermuda. (Even
though actual Bermudians refuse to go to the beach until May 25th.)
So I will have some healthy weeknight dinners up here in the next few
weeks.  Now don’t worry, they won’t all
be healthy.  I have a few posts I made
pre-dieting that I am waiting to post.  Also,
my diets are short because they are intense.

I’m rambling, so without further a due, my FAVORITE fast
easy delicious and super-ancient-whole-grain-run-a-mile-punch-a-baby-healthy meal!  Fish-in-a-bag!

Some of my friends right now are saying “Fish?  Really? 
I mean… I don’t really like fish.” To you I say shut up and make this
and you will LOVE it.  Unless you mess it
up somehow which you probably will.  Jeez
my friends are dumb… just kidding friends!

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