Valentine Fortune Cookies

Normally I am not the type of blogger who does things ahead of time. I tend to cook as things happen and post them after the fact. Most of my blogger friends cook Thanksgiving dinner a few weeks before Thanksgiving so they can post the recipes. My style is more, “This is what I made, make it next year or something, deal with it”. Well guess what? I was a good blogger this week and made some Valentine stuff just in time to show you guys early! I have been wanting to make fortune cookies for awhile, and I thought Valentine’s Day would be a perfect time. Without a job or a “special someone” myself, I didn’t really have any reason to make them! I recruited my sister and mom to take some to school and work. I also made a few for a get together this Friday night.

The fortunes. Some are cheesy, some are funny, some are from popular song lyrics.

The wet and dry ingredients.

I love the viscosity of the final batter.

Adding the Valentine’s Day ingredient: Red food coloring! Food coloring being the most controversial ingredient on TFIMB.


Tablespoon it out.

You need to tilt the pan around to spread out the batter.

It is best to let them cool in a muffin tin so they don’t lose their shape.

Folding the cookie.

Does ANYONE out there get this??? Or am I too much of a TV/Comedy nerd for my own good?

My Mom went gaudy with the chocolate drizzle, but that’s what she wanted.

Joanna and I took a more classy route

Jo and my Mom dipping the cookies.

This looks nice… So who wants to be my Valentine?

It was a lot of fun making these, and they taste awesome! Just like fortune cookies, but much better, being fresh and all. We had a few issues though. First was timing. With the food coloring, it was hard to tell when the edges browned, so it was hard to tell when they were ready. Some of the cookies were undercooked, so after folding them, I just put them back in the oven for about 3 minutes(right in the muffin tin!). They were soft when taking them out of the oven, but crisped right up in 5 minutes. The second issue was trying to figure out how thin to make them. The answer was medium thinness. This might not help you guys, but that’s my only advice. Third is volume. Her recipe does not make 24. We TRIPLED IT and ended up with like 30 cookies. (This accounts for some messups). I was spooning out with a tablespoon measure as she said to do but it still made much less than advertised.

All in all though, they were pretty easy to make if you have a helper or helpers. The recipe is here.


  1. Those look awesome!! I actually considered making some homemade fortune cookies and giving them as Christmas presents of sorts (with personalized messages and whatnot) but didn’t get around to it this year 🙁 Glad to see you did, though, and they worked out well for you. I feel inspired to finally give it a try, now!!
    ps-I would totally be your valentine if it gets me some of your cookin’ 😉

  2. GURL,
    it’s Ke$ha. Get it right or you’ll wake up tomorrow morning feeling like P. Diddy’s dead Grandmother…
    I LOVE that you put in a Lady Gaga Lyric, too… she’s such an inspiration.

  3. My last 6 are in the oven as I type… my fingertips are a little burnt so typing isn’t an immense joy, but I gotta say these things are amazing. Fun to make, especially the fortunes… and we’re havin’ some fun with the fortunes because they’re for a birthday party. (i.e. “Today is probably a huge improvement over yesterday.”) I swagger jacked you and made ’em pink and dipped ’em in chocolate… but they’re for a lady who is very much into that kinda thing. Thanks for the inspiration. Word of advice to everyone: perfect accessory for making these is a constant stream of cold beers because they feel great on your fingertips in between rounds of scalding.

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