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Breakfast Mac and Cheese (Plus Giveaway)


Of all the Mac and Cheeses I've made on this website, there has yet to be one suitable for breakfast! I was very aware of this fact and planned to make a breakfast mac and cheese for a while, but kept putting it off. Normally when I finally have time to make breakfast on Sundays, I want it to be as simple as frying up an egg and making some toast. Also breakfast mac and cheese needs to be eaten on a lazy day for brunch when you can happily go in and out of a food coma for the next several hours. When Jones Dairy Farm offered to send me some bacon and sausage, I knew this breakfast mac was going to be the first thing I made with it. I finally found the perfect morning for it, and was surprised that it was a lot easier than I expected, but surpassed all deliciousness expectations.

All the meats grilling up.

The reason this is so easy is that since there is so many eggs in the sauce, the eggs form the binder that you would normally need to make a roux for. Just mix the eggs, cheese, and cooked meats in a big bowl. Boil off your pasta and mix it right into the bowl. I used 50/50 cheddar and jack for this.

This works a lot better in individual sized baking dishes, but if you don't have any, go ahead and put it in a regular casserole.

In a last minute stroke of inspiration, I decided to top this with ripped bread instead of breadcrumbs to form toast. Brush these with butter before baking.

Toasty bread, and creamy eggy meaty mac and cheese. What more could you ask for at brunch? Well, I guess a bloody mary or mimosa.

The people I was eating this with actually picked up the bread and used it as a scoop to eat the mac with and I found it pretty ingenious.

This post is sponsored by Jones Dairy Farm

1/2 pound elbow mac
3/4 pound grated cheese (cheddar/jack mixture or whatever you feel like)
8 eggs
8 Jones Dairy Farm's fully cooked sausage links
8 slices Jones Dairy Farm Bacon
salt and pepper
Ripped pieces of bread as topping
Melted butter

Bring the water to a boil to cook the pasta. Meanwhile brown and cook the bacon and sausage. Grate the cheeses. Chop up the bacon and sausage and add it to the cheese mixture in a large bowl. Next crack the eggs in. Stir well. Boil the pasta about 2 minutes shorter than you normally would so it still has a slight bite to it. Strain the pasta and mix it with the cheese and eggs. Dole out into individual baking dishes (makes 4 nice sized servings) or pour into a baking dish. Top with the bread and brush some butter on the top of the bread. Bake at 350 until cooked, about 20 minutes, but be careful to not overcook or it will dry out.

If you guys want the products that I used in this post sent to your doorstep, to make a breakfast mac and cheese of your own (or, you know, to eat any way you want), comment on this post and tell me about an awesome recent brunch dish you made or ate. Tweet about this post to @tfimb for a bonus entry. Entry will close at Noon on Friday.


Fried bulgur rice with bacon. Yum!

I can't get enough egg white omelets with American Cheese!

Fresh pancakes with berries and yoghurt!

Husband made some awesome pancakes with coconut oil.
Thanks for the giveaway.

I had an amazing omelette with mushrooms, onions, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, pesto, and goat cheese at a local diner the other day.

Dude, this looks amazing. Why wasn't I invited to this tasting?

Anyway, this past Spring, I made a Sunday brunch with fresh fruit, eggs, bacon, and a family French Toast recipe. Everything was amazing. I think this Mac and Cheese would have been a great addition.

I made bacon egg cups for brunch just this weekend. Take a muffin tin, wrap some bacon slices like little cups and place one in each well, then cover with well-beaten eggs and top with cheddar cheese. They pop right out of the tin with no mess and are delicious single serving popovers.

This past week I made breakfast burritos using chorizo, hashed browns and eggs. I added some pico and hot sauce for some kick, it was delicious!

Caramelized, banana french texas toast with homemade maple crown syrup.

Banana French Toast Panini's & Hash brown wrapped sausages as a modified "pigs in a blanket". MmmmmMMmm breakfast!

My husband's tasty poached eggs (topped with a little sea salt and sriracha), bacon and homemade hash-browns are a Sunday brunch tradition at our house!

I had THE most amazing carrot cake french toast at a local restaurant this past weekend. It was lifechanging and will never forget that glorious meal.

You can never go wrong with sausage and bacon! My go-to for a brunch dish is my family's recipe for a french toast casserole. You can let it soak overnight and just pop it in the oven in the morning! It is so good!

I love breakfast muffins made with sausage, cheese, and eggs. Delish and easy.

Oddly enough, breakfast was like an ugly version of this.
A Kitchen Sink Casserole, bacon, caramelized onion, green pepper, mushroom, kale, spinach, pasta, cheese, shredded rotisserie chicken.
A filling meal and a half!

Speculoos pie with oatmeal cookie crust! And pork sausage with eggs.

Last weekend I had an incredible carnitas omelet smothered with a pleasantly mouth-tingling salsa verde. Hot enough that the side of sour cream was actually used.

Perfect way to start a busy Sunday.

I went to Tatte for brunch this past weekend and had their breakfast sandwich: bacon, melted cheedar, fried egg on sourdough. It was so good.

grilled breakfast pizza with bacon, eggs, caramelized shallots, and goat cheese. SO GOOD.

Baked egg in avocado. Slice avocado in half, remove pit, season, crack egg in pit hole, top with shredded cheese, bake.

Egg cups!! You line a muffin tin with ham or bacon, crack in an egg, add cheese and onions, and season to taste. Bake until cooked through. Oh man, so good!

I recently convinced my grandmother to make her amazing breakfast casserole. It's basically just eggs, spam, lots of cheese, and bread, but I can never get it to turn out quite like hers. I'm not grandmotherly enough, I guess.

I've been craving stuffing ever since I stumbled across a picture on my phone of my Thanksgiving plate last year. I had leftover cornbread from the pinto beans and cornbread dinner I made the day before, so I threw it into a Thanksgiving cornbread stuffing inspired breakfast scramble. Oh yeah!

I sauté red peppers & onions. Then I start scrambling eggs, when almost finished cooking I add the peppers, onions and chopped bacon, grated cheese, fresh spinach, pepper & seasoning salt. With a side of hash browns this is my teenage son's favorite weekend brunch dish!

Monkey Bread is often considered a dessert but my 3 year old likes it for late breakfast/early lunch (also known as brunch) on the weekends because it is like cinnamon rolls. She loves to coat the biscuits in the cinnamon sugar.

Two awesome brunches I made recently - spaghetti squash pancakes topped with creme fraiche, scallions, and smoked salmon, and since I can never get enough Mexican food - breakfast enchilada stacks with black beans topped with a fried egg. So good!

Pumpkin pancakes!

I have an egg sandwich pretty much every day, so I like to switch it up constantly by altering the bread, cheese and other additions. This week I've been making them on british muffins with prosciutto, brie, and those pea shoots they sell at Trader Joe's. For some reason, I adore those pea shoots. I put them on top of everything.

I made it for brunch but I'm not sure it's what one would normally call a brunch food. Grilled cheese and egg sandwich. Make two grilled cheese sandwiches - with as dark of a toast on the bread as you can handle. I like mine almost black. Then fry up and egg or two. I normally would break the yolk but this time I kept it like a normal fried egg. Then I put a little miracle whip on one side of each of the grilled cheese sandwiches, put the egg between the two sandwiches and ate! And then I watched The This Old House Hour so it felt like I was being somewhat productive by learning even though I really was being lazy because I couldn't move.

I was leaving for a conference, so I was trying to use up some foods we had lying around. I took the last of the crust from a pie we had from a newly-opened shop, crumbled it up in a pan with a splash of milk, then once that smushed up mixed in the eggs to make bready scrambled egg. It tasted like pie, but with egg on the outside. We had one honeycrisp apple left, so I sliced that up small, and heated the last of the french fries to go with.

Biscuits & gravy topped with sunny side up eggs this past weekend...
PS How many eggs in your recipe above? I don't see a number or the eggs listed in the ingredients section. Thanks!

I often cover and smother my breakfasts. One morning I fried some hashbrowns, added onion and peppers, two over medium eggs, then country gravy on top, and shredded cheese.

Because it's colder out now we had chili for dinner last night. This morning I prepared an omelette with turkey, onion, and cheese then smothered it in leftover chili.

I'm gonna go hibernate now.

I was in the mood for comfort food so I made a kimchi and spam fried quinoa dish. It was great!

Pork Belly eggs Benedict. Pan fried pork belly on English muffins topped with an over easy egg and some sausage gravy. Not traditional in the least but delicious with an extra spicy bloody mary.

My favorite is good ole Mashed Potato Omelet! Yummy!!!

I made a egg sandwich on white toast with salt and vinegar potato chips and sriracha... Sauce>scrambled eggs> S&V chips on both sides two eggs over easy in the middle. EGGSPLOSIVE (sorry)

I make a quiche with ground turkey, sage, and cranberries. It sounds bizarre, but it's amazing, and it's perfect for fall!

P.S. This looks (as always) AWESOME.

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