Jalapeno Popper Dog

    A whole hot dog is stuffed into a few large jalapenos. Throw some cheese in there and mustard on the top and you have a great new way to serve a dog.


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    Jalapenos seem to be monstrous at the grocery store compared to their size from a few years back. I used this large size to my advantage, and was able to case a whole hot dog and some cheese inside a couple of cut jalapenos. The fun thing about this recipe is that you could make a whole dozen of them easily, pop em into a zip lock, and head out to your nearest B.Y.O.M. party (Bring Your Own Meat), camp fire, or other communal grilling situation.

    Make sure you grab the biggest jalapenos you can fine. Get extra just in case.

    Fist cut your dogs in half and put some cheese slices in the center.

    Hollow out the jalapenos and you’re ready to go.

    It wasn’t too hard to squeeze the dog in there.

    I lost some of the cheese while I was grilling this thing, but if I was paying attention and flipping it better, I wouldn’t have lost as much.

    You have to cook it longer to make sure the pepper is blackened and tender not crunchy. If you succeed you end up with a super tasty twist on two summer classics!

    Jalapenos can vary on spice level, but if you get all the seeds out these shouldn’t be too bad to eat.

    UPDATE – Here I am making this dish on TV! :