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Hash Brown Wrapped Eggs


It's been hard for me to switch gears from the whole "Stuffed" concept. It's too late to get this guy into the book, so here it is, Stuffed DVD special features! This is a play on a scotch egg, but also a Peruvian dish called papas rellenas. The key is perfectly soft boiling the eggs so that the yolk stays soft and comes running out when you cut into it.

Roast the potatoes until tender.

Mix with some flour, salt, herbs, and spices. Just enough flour to bring everything together.

Soft boil some eggs using this method. Be really gentle while peeling and handling them!

The potato mixture is mashed and ready.

With well floured hands and surface, spread out some potato and roll it around your egg. You want this to be as thin as you can around the egg, but also as tight and secure as you can make it.


Fry em up until browned all around.

Just another potato...

With a suprise inside!

Wait for it...

Pop a little sriracha on this thing and it will be the best breakfast you have had in months!


Can these be baked instead of fried?

Needs more bacon.

That's an awesome idea. Almost like the concept of armadillo eggs, to some extent.

As someone who has blogged the Scotch egg experience, I can tell you that these look a lot easier to get right. We had to re-fry most of the scotch eggs because the sausage wasn't cooked through because our oil was just a little bit too hot. Pre-cooked potatoes = just brown the outside and call it good.

These are awesome! Love runny yolks and hash browns!

The potato mixture needs a dollop of bacon grease and maybe some more in the oil they're fried in.

Need to cook this now.
So gorgeous, wonderfully dreamy and beautifully eggy.

Love the idea but I've got to play a bit, maybe a little sharp cheddar and some finely cut up cooked bacon in the potato mix? I must experiment. On a healthier side I could always play with some fresh herbs...

Whoa. did you just eat the shell? I'm feeling like you did...

Total food porn right there. Brilliant idea!

Oh my word. That is amazing! I'm making this for our worship team at church! I've been looking for something easy that they can just grab and eat. Fabulous!

No way to print your recipes!
I can't drag the computer into the kitchen.

I tried scotch eggs for the first time lately. best hangover food ever.
similar idea to this. hard boiled egg. wrapped in breakfast sausage, battered then deep fried. awesome

pen & paper?

Nice, seems good :) Gona try it :)

My grand kids will love this

Sounds great though, but what do u make with them?

seems yummy

I would like this right now. Holy yum! Sunday brunch in one bite.

That looks so delicious. I am definitely going to try those in my very near future.

A couple slices of tomato a piece of toast with these potatoes what a great breakfast

A couple slices of tomato a piece of toast with these potatoes what a great breakfast

Looks very delicious. Want to try this receive.

I am terribly sorry, this is the second time i'm coming across this on the internet, but all my life i grew up and ancestors before me grew up knowing this very same dish as "egg-ball" ppl, the only difference is we don't soft boil the eggs we cook it until the yolk is firm...EGG BALL!!!!, btw i'm from Guyana

Love this Idea! Especially the soft boiled egg. It's those little details that make perfection.I'm gonna try wrapping eggs with things now!

Love the idea! Can you imagine it as part of a Benedict with a smoked cheddar hollandaise?? Yum!!

Oh my goodness how creative!!! Gonna try this!

There must be a way to make this Paleo! Almond flour, coconut flour perhaps?

That was really good. Made it with a couple of small "additions"

1) Added grated parmesan between the egg and the potato
2) Didn't bake the potatoes but grated and slow fried them mashing them as they fried.

So good!

looking good i will try it

awesome looking taste good

I followed your recipie and they came out great! my wife loved them. I did toss a lil cheddar cheese into the potato mix though, will be making these again in the near future! :)

I love it when guys know how to cook!This looks absolutely awesome, and would love to cater items like this for a bachelor party, brunch, etc. Thanks!

I love all of you recipes. I will defenetly try this.

In Brazil we call that a BOLOVO! Hahahah

I live in Lima, Peru and have papas rellenas pretty often - this looks like it pretty much has the best parts! My Peruvian husband loves runny yolks, so I think I'll try this next time. Thanks!

Dynamite idea. Kudos for this recipe. Very cool. Keep up the creative recipes.

Thank you.



A much simpler version is to take a bread slice, dip it in water and quickly pull out, squeeze out the water gently between your palms and wrap it around the egg. Fry, yummm.

And then there is the egg pakora - boiled egg in a batter of spiced chickpea flour batter, fried.

These look awesome! What an interesting twist on scotch eggs. Thanks for sharing! BTW, are you on Pinterest? If not, you really should start a Pinterest page for all your recipes.

what kind of spices did you use?

Wow they are amazing ! Love em ! :D

Wow, interesting! Has anyone else come across the same thing compared to this? I am curious where to find more responses on this matter…

I've never heard of an egg being made like this, but man, does that look delicious!!!

Can't wait to eat it, my mouth just started watering.

I LOVE this! Yum.
I read a tip somewhere that if you add a teaspoon of baking soda to your egg boiling water the shells come off really easily... haven't tried it yet though sorry ;-)

That looks amazingly delicious. If only I knew how to soft boil an egg (I only just perfected hard boiling them)...better look that up.

Very unordinary way to cook eggs!

You are a genius! thanks!

Looks amazing! Great alternative way to cook eggs

These look awesome and I love the idea of taking two relatively normal ingredients and mixing them together. Love some of the ideas mentioned in other comments like adding bacon and cheese etc. YUM!

I've made these with a meat filling and they were delicious. I love the idea of using eggs instead and serving them for breakfast.

YUM YUM YUM. Adding this to the menu.

Oh yes! This looks amazing. Now to get a good soft boiled egg

Wow. Looking Great. No one is here to prepare this for me... so sad.

Looks tasty. I think there are a few added degrees of difficulty from the standard scrambled eggs and potatoes I make, but this might be a nice dish to impress company.

Wow, that is VERY VERY cool. And looks delicious too.

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