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February 2012 Archives

Buffalo Frog Legs


It's Leap Day, real life is for March! Are you guys wearing your blue and yellow? Since nothing you do today matters, why not try something exotic like frog? Check out my Buffalo Frog Leg recipe on Tablespoon. In other news, This week is my last week at my job, my birthday, AND I am going away for the weekend, so I decided to take the time off blogging and relax a little. I will be back sometime mid next week. See ya soon!

Curried Chicken and Quinoa Bowl


A big bowl of healthy hearty flavors. This recipe makes a nice big amount that you can take to work for lunch all week. Check out my Curried Chicken and Quinoa Bowl on Tablespoon.

Top Chef Inspired BBQ Feast


Some friends and I got together this week to watch Top Chef and cook this BBQ feast inspired by some of the things they have cooked this season. (Even though my bearded picks were eliminated quickly) A brisket with homemade BBQ sauce and some charred okra and brussel sprouts from the BBQ episode, and some peach-habanero cornbread because everyone seems to be using a lot of peach this season. I can't wait for the finale next week, who do you guys think is going to win? I have a feeling that everyone is gonna say the same person after the shocking elimination this week. Rumor has it that there is a chance Top Chef will be right here in Boston for the next season! I would love to see this happen!

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Kimchi Chicken Wings

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While trying to think of a few alternate sauces for chicken wings, kimchi came into my sights at the grocery store. I like to leave some brainstorming for while I am actually at the store, which sometimes can be THE WORST, but other times can lead to some really awesome recipes. I popped the kimchi into the blender with a few other flavors and it turned into a really awesome sauce for the wings.

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Cereal Milk Panna Cotta

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This idea came after eating a similar dessert at a recent pop-up in the city. The cereal flavor really carried through and it came out awesome. Check out the recipe for Cereal Milk Panna Cotta on Tablespoon.



There is an Indian spice shop near Coolidge Corner in Brookline called Madras Masala where I stock up on most of my spice needs. It has way more selection than the grocery store and is also much cheaper (and cheaper than some of the more trendy spice merchants in the Boston area) I ran out of cumin recently (it happens a lot) and was excited to pop in for a re-up. Every time I go there I try some of the snacks by the register like freshly made potato samosa and other little fried pockets of fun. This time something caught my eye that I had never seen before. A crunchy cumin filled treat that looked like something from the Artisan Knot store in Portlandia. On first taste I dubbed it the Indian cheeto and looked up a recipe to make it at home. I didn't have all the ingredients though so I was forced to go back to Madras Masala! Such is life's vicious cycle.

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Coffee Chile Baked Beans


Why is it that baked beans are associated with summer BBQs and picnics? When these beans were in the oven on a cold day this week the house smelled amazing. Walking in from the cold you really got a sense that things where ok here and there was nothing to worry about. When it finally came time to eat, they were hearty and warming, the perfect finish to a cold wet day. It's no secret that I love sneaking coffee into savory dishes. I just love the dark bitter flavor it brings to the table. I decided to try it with beans because I was drinking a coffee the last time I cooked chili and noticed that the flavors worked.

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Habanana Peanut Satay


This idea came from when I was eating really healthy last month and trying to blend things with peanuts in the food processor. Ever since elvis, everyone has known that peanuts plus bananas equals delicious, so why not blend them up together and see what happens?

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Heart Ravioli


Will you be my Valentine? What if I make you some of these ravioli? Or you can make them yourself with my Valentine Ravioli recipe on Tablespoon.

2ft Party Skin


Knock knock, who's there? its the skins, let 'em innnnnn. Delocated! started it's third season this month on Adult Swim and it's just as hilarious as ever. This week, Jon became obsessed with potato skins after buying a skins bar. He made all sorts of skins, Italian skins, Chinese skins, Greek skins, Mexican skins, but the one I was most interested in was the 6ft party skin. I'm sure the one on the show was just a prop, but I was instantly intrigued and excited to try and make one for real.

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Mediterranean Lasagna with a Creamy Arugula Sauce


Lasagna is one of those things that I am scared to mess with. For me, the way I ate it growing up is the way it should be, and any variations basically ruin it. I have a real problem with most veggie lasagnas, because they are trying too hard to be meat lasagnas. Well you can imagine my dilemma when I was recently asked to bring lasagna to a party and I realized that there were a few vegetarians attending.  I find that for me it's much more acceptable to make a lasagna that goes in a totally different direction rather than trying to make something more traditional but slightly different. 

Roasted Cauliflower Soup


We ate this simple soup with the wasabi wontons from the other day. I had recently made the super simple roasted potato soup, and I wanted to try again with roasted cauliflower. Again with this soup, the roasting brings out way more flavor than boiling the cauliflower in broth.

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Kale Wrapped Steamed Pork

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This recipe is shockingly good with only 2 ingredients. Really. Try it tonight. Check out the recipe for Pork stuffed kale inspired by LauLau on Tablespoon.

Wasabi Pork Wontons


Inspired by something I had tried at a sushi place, I set out to make some pork dumplings that had wasabi built into the dough. In the end the wasabi flavor was very subtle. I think this is because horseradish loses its flavor very fast as it gets cooked, and let's face it, american wasabi is horseradish plus green food coloring. Regardless, these wontons tasted awesome, they just could have used a bit more umph. I constantly seek innovative uses for wasabi and horseradish in recipes, and am continually let down when the wasabi flavor gets cooked out of the dish! When will I learn?

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Fried Tamale on a Stick

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Whats better than a tamale? how about a fried tamale? how about a fried tamale on a stick? Yes that one. Check out my Fried Tamale on a stick recipe on Tablespoon.

Cauliflower Tacos


Cauliflower "steaks" have been popping up on some blogs recently. I'm sorry you guys, but no. NO! I understand that seared/baked/grilled/whatever slabs of cauliflower can and do taste good. I understand the health and social benefits of eating less meat. I get these things. But how can you possibly call this a steak? I call it a slab. Is the word slab unappetizing? I think it's fine.

But despite by borderline neurotic nomenclature hangups, cauliflower can serve well as a replacement for meat in many applications. Last week I used it to replace the ground beef in tacos.

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