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Mac and Cheese Stuffed Chile Relleno


This recipe just makes sense. A chile relleno is normally stuffed with cheese, so why not add some mac in there too? More traditional chile rellenos have an eggy batter that is almost reminiscent of eating a chile omlette. For this bastardized mac and cheese version, I did the standard american bar food breadcrumb crust and it matched perfectly. These chile rellenos had an amazing balance of crunch, spice, ooze, and comfort!

The start of a good thing.

Peppers and onions in the bacon fat. How could you go wrong?

After the flour is added I cooked the roux to a pretty brown color. This removes some of the thickening power of the roux, but adds a unique flavor. Milk is next.

This was way more mac and cheese than I needed for only 4 chile rellenos, but I like leftovers!

Roasted and peeled peppers.

Stuffing these babys.

As you can see, they can be pretty fragile, but no worries, as long as you handle them gently and add a nice thick crust they wont split open.

Shaping up nicely!

Looking like a plain chile relleno, but it is hiding a surprise.

An oozy gooey delicious surprise.

Hello mac and cheese!

I actually picked this up and ate it with my hands. No big deal.

Start with your favorite mac and cheese recipe, and cool it down. Roast some poblano peppers and peel the skin off (like this). Stuff the cold mac and cheese into the peppers. Bread and fry in an inch of oil, rotating to brown all sides.

When breading, be careful because the stuffed peppers will be fairly delicate. I triple dipped them in flour first, then egg, then flour, then egg, then a third time in flour, followed by egg, and finally homemade breadcrumbs. The extra breading helped form a sturdy crust that protected the delicate peppers.

I made way more mac and cheese than I needed, probably enough to fill about 20 of these peppers, even though I only made 4. Sal and I enjoyed the leftovers all week! My recipe was:

1 lb pasta
3 slices bacon
4 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
3 cups milk
10 oz cheddar
10 oz jack
½ teaspoon mustard powder
½ onion
3 cherry peppers
1 clove garlic
½ cup pickled jalapenos
3 habaneros (use less if you are not a heat fanatic like I am)
1 tomato

Bring water to a boil, chop up the bacon and cook until crispy. Remove from pot but leave bacon fat. Add onions and cherry peppers and cook until beginning to brown. Add diced garlic, habaneros, and butter and cook until butter is melted. Add flour and cook stirring often until the roux is slightly browned. Add milk and whisk to be sure it is smooth. Bring to almost simmer. Strain pasta when it still has a slight bite to it and add to milk mixture. Turn heat to low and stir as you slowly add shredded cheeses. When all the cheese is in and melted, add chopped up jalapenos and tomatoes.


I have a feeling Kim will be mad you didn't cook these for her. They look pretty tasty, dude.
In a way, though, it's weird because the mac and cheese is missing your usual famous burnt cheese on top. ;)


They look way better than regular cheese-filled Jalapeno Poppers.

Never seen a chile relleno breaded before... Aren't you supposed to batter them in whipped egg whites?

so, what CAN'T be stuffed with macaroni and cheese? did I just now discover your blog? You're recipes are nothing short of spectacular!

So inventive. Love it. Looks awesome, and I bet it tastes even better!

omg, these look fabulous! cheese, pasta, bacon and some heat? What's not to like!?

I found you via "This is why you're huge" and I think I love you :-D Mac and cheese in peppers? I would gladly get huge (huger?) for this. :-D

Can I just marry you? (;

what is jack in the instructions???

I would give up my big toe to have one of these, but I am in diet mode. :(

Pretty sure you just made all of my husband's dreams come true! This is one of those "why haven't I thought of this before?" recipes. Definitely going to make it soon!

Those red peppers - I'm assuming they're the cherry peppers? That's awesome to know, as I have a bush growing, and that's exactly what they look like. :-)

You have my taste mac&cheese and peppers yum,,

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