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Brussel Sprout Dip


For my next dip (sounds like a magician), someone suggested cole slaw type flavors. Again, I wanted to "fall it up" a little, so I thought brussel sprouts would be a good sub for cabbage. A quick sear in a hot pan with some bacon, and a little bit of mayo was all it needed to become an awesome dip!

Only 3 ingredients, only 3 pictures. This is already shredded and seared... Whoops! I had a lot going on that day.

We ate this even faster than the other dip! There were only 5 of us, it was before the party really had started.

Salty bacon, nutty but still crunchy brussel sprouts, and creamy mayo.

I have a secret, I accidentally put miracle whip in! I kinda hate miracle whip, but my friend Missy loves it and was really happy with the dip. In fact, we all were, cause it was really good!

I just took one package of sprouts, chopped them, then pulsed in the processor a bit. Cook the bacon and strain some of the oil, but not all. Get the pan really hot and dump in the sprouts. let them get some browning, but only cook about 3 minutes total. Dump them into a bowl, coat with some mayo, chill, and serve.


I am going to try this and see if I can trick my kid (and myself to be honest) into eating some sprouts.

I love brussel sprouts, I love bacon and I love mayo. I kinda wanna make this immediately but I'm scared I might eat the whole serving :p

Never tried brussel sprouts in a dip so I think this would definitely be quite interesting. I'd have to get over my mayo fear (yeah I know I'm weird), but definitely going to give this a try for Sunday football...

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