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My quest to turn sandwiches into dips continues. I have actually had BLT dips in the past, but most were over mayoed and used the wrong dipping devices. I cut the mayo with some avocado(I love BLAT, but don't like the name BLAT), and left the dip super chunky. I served it with some toasted bread and it was a very popular app at Christmas with my family.

Bacon and tomatoes.

Equal parts avocado and mayo in the blender. I squeezed half a lemon in here and added a little salt.  Mayo is pretty important in BLT sandwiches, so it needs to be present in the dip, but not overpowering.

Arugula, bacon and tomatoes.


This came out great. I like how it looked like guacamole.

Blend 2 avocados with an equal amount of mayo, a pinch of salt, and juice of half a lemon. Mix this with a box of cherry tomatoes, cut into eighths, almost a pound of bacon and ripped arugula. Soo easy, so good! The italian sandwich dip was still the best of the bunch so far, but this one was awesome and def will be made again.


This was so good!

Definitely want to try this one!

I wish I didn't click this link now. Man that looks so good.

You don't like the name BLAT because it's not a BLAT. It's a BALT.

The ingredients are in order of importance. Bacon, then avocado, then lettuce, then tomato.


I say that no matter what you call it, this dish is legit. I love that inspiration, the creativity. I am sure if you served this up with bruscetta, or bagel chips, you would have a hit on your hands!

Wow! Uber a-w-e-s-o-m-e site. IL bacon dishes and I can't wait to make this...nice work!

I think I'm going to try this but with a little of the chipotle adobo pepper sauce as a Thanksgiving appetizer.

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