Italian Sandwich Dip

Italian Sandwich Dip

This is one of those recipes I totally wish I came up with, but unfortunately I saw it in food network magazine a couple weeks ago. You guys may know that Ace of Cakes is one of my favorite shows on the channel. This was an article with Duff and Mary Alice’s favorite tailgating recipes. Duff making savory food? Yes, and there was some pretty good other stuff in that article too, but the second I saw this Hoagie dip I knew I had to make it soon. It combines all the greatness of an Italian sandwich in small sized snack bites!  I served it as an appetizer at my sisters engagement party.

I am on a big artichoke kick. Look at that huge jar!

Roast your own peppers of course.

Yum. Everything is chopped up real small. My one worry with this “dip” was that it would be all slimy and stick together. That wasn’t the case at all. We added a little oil from the artichokes and pepperoncini to keep everything lubed up.

Lots of artichokes. There was too many for me to be opening and steaming a bunch of whole artichokes!

Served with bread rounds.

At the party, we went through 4 loafs of bread with this dip!

There was an actual recipe for this in the food network magazine, but I didn’t really follow it. I just used all the things I love to eat in Italian sandwiches, chopped them up small, and threw them all in a bowl.


  1. I made this last Thursday night & wow what an instant hit! (though I still have a blister from dicing for hours)I made a childrens verson & a hotter one for those who were brave, made up the 5 minute artisan bread & WOW….I’ll forever be known as the hoagie dip maker!!! Thanks!!!!

  2. this looks great – good job – certainly a change from the taco dip everyone makes. you said you use some of the liquids from artichokes and peppers anything else on it?

  3. Danimal!
    What is that “Dunkenweizen” Sam Adams you have there and when and where can you get one!? I don’t have that bottle in my collection… =(

  4. Dunkelwizen. Its a fall one. I wonder who you are mysterious “sam adams collector” who calls me danimal

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