Heat Wave Ceviche and Lobster Maki

Gah. It’s so hot out you guys! So hot. I have been treking around Boston sweating my face off. My actual face. Everywhere I go, people want to cook with me, but the very thought of turning on the stove makes people shudder. The air conditioning isnt even making a dent in this heat, cooking is not going to help matters. Visiting my sister in Salem recently, I realized that there were a lot of fish markets around. I came up with a variation on ceviche that I thought would be a neat no cook idea for some really fresh fish. We complemented the ceviche with lobster maki rolls. Buying cooked lobster from the fish market allowed us to skip another cooking task.

Grilled Lobsters, Grilled Mash Potatoes

Wow! Thanks to everyone for all of your support and comments on my last post!  It has really been making me feel good all week. I have been having a great time relaxing and hanging out with some old friends at my parents house this week. On Saturday morning, my friend John woke up saying that he was craving lobster, to which I replied “If you’re buying, I will cook them.” Lobster was never really a favorite of mine, but I have been wanting to cook them for awhile. Some friends and I even went lobster diving in Bermuda a few times with no luck! Honestly, this was the best lobster I have had in my life and I think everyone agreed!