Rice and Bean Tart

What makes a tart a tart? Is it the pan? Or is it the crust? If it’s the pan, then this is most definitely a tart. If it’s the crust, then this isn’t a tart at all! This tart uses rice as the crust, instead of the shortcrust pastry most tarts are known for. To get the rice to form a thin solid crust, I prepared it the way I make sushi rice, added a few spices, then spread it out on the bottom of the tart pan. After it cooked, the edges were crispy, and the middle was gummy, but in a good way, like an Asian rice dumpling. The final dish exceeded my expectations. It was fun and different, economical yet elegant. (But anything cooked in a tart pan seems elegant)

First up, fry the chorizo to get it crispy and get the delicious chorizo oil in the pan.

After you remove the chorizo, brown onions in that oil, then add your beans.  Mmm chorizo juice.

Mash as you cook.

It’s that simple to make amazing refried beans.

Now on to the rice. To make sushi rice, you cook the rice according to the package, then toss it in rice wine vinegar, sugar, and salt until it cools to get the correct texture. I wanted this rice to have a Spanish flair so I red wine vinegar and a few spices instead.

After it cools it’s sticky and malleable. Wet your hands as you work with it or you will have a big mess.


Now it’s time to fill.

I’m surprised there was any of this left because I are a ton of it right after I finished making it.


In with the chorizo and tomatoes. I strained the tomatoes before adding. Also special thanks to my friends at platefull/Tablespoon for sending some of these delicious tomatoes my way! These were a last minute add that really helped the final product.

Cheese of course.

Baked about 40 minutes at 375. So awesome! When I took it out of the tart pan I was so excited with how it came out.

Yum crispy rice.

A bit of fresh lettuce went nicely with the tart.

This would be a really fun dish for a potluck or dinner party. Very portable, not to hard to make, and the flavors are pretty familiar to most people but they are done in a really unique way.

Cook 2 cups of raw sushi rice to package instructions. In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons red wine vinegar, 1 teaspoon sugar, 1 teaspoon paprika, ½ teaspoon turmeric, and a pinch of salt. Toss the cooked rice in the bowl with the mixture, continually tossing until cooled. Should take about 8 minutes. It helps to go outside in the cold to do this, or stand in front of a fan. Coat a tart pan with butter and spread the rice thinly forming a crust.

Chop and cook chorizo until browned. Remove from pan. Throw some onion into the chorizo fat and cook 5 minutes. Add 2 cans beans. Mash while cooking to make refried beans.

Spread the beans onto the rice crust. Top with chorizo and 1 can of diced tomatoes. (preferable ones with green chiles or chipotles in it) Add cheese and bake about 40 minutes at 375.


  1. Hey Dan, made your stuffed chicken-stuffed red peppers last night………..AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!! Looking forward to trying this rice and bean tart. Thanks for such fun in the food world.

  2. Okay, Dan, I have a challenge for you.
    I have this one recipe for something along the lines of a homemade tuna helper, but its bland as shit and I can’t seem to think of how to make it better. I really like the idea of tuna in an alfredo-esque sauce that is kind of light, but no matter how much i fuss with the sauce I don’t have a chef’s mind and I have no ideas for improvement.
    Basically I work off of no real recipe:
    a handful of gemeli pasta that I cook until tender,
    then i make a really simple sauce from milk, usually mozzarella or white cheddar cheese (i prefer the cheddar) and salt. I heat them up in a pan and mix them together until i think they taste okay, and then i add half a can of tuna to the sauce and stir. once the sauce is done to my satisfaction i pour it on the pasta and eat it.
    I know. It sounds a little gross.
    So fix it gelato man!
    If you create a delicious(and watch the butter! you have a tendency to let your butter run away with you >:P )tuna-alfredo-thing then I will yield to you as a culinary master…. and i will knit you a sweater or something… well i don’t actually know how to knit so i guess you can pick your reward.
    Allez cuisine!!!

  3. Mildred,
    I am not Dan but I have a tried and true recipe that might fit what you are looking for, if interested.
    Cheers from Alaska
    Oh, and Dan, this recipe is great!!!! Thank you.

  4. This looks scrumptious and I cannot wait to try it. I plan on making it and bringing it to a friends house.
    I am making your sweet potato manicotti tonight, but I am adding steamed/drained/squeezed fresh spinach. I have thinking about this recipe for days so it is time.
    I would like to see bearnaise coated vegetables prepared as a casserole or calzone perhaps. I love tarragon!
    Your recipes look delicious and are easy to follow. The pictures are very helpful too, thank you.

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