Beef Stroganoff Toasts

    The Flavors of Beef Stroganoff served as a handheld app in toast form, adapted from Modern Comfort Cooking.


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    One thing that I would have never predicted when I started this blog (almost) 10 years ago, is how many people I know that have cookbooks now! When I walk through the cooking section of bookstores I see all my friends books and it’s an amazing feeling. That’s why I am pumped to see another blogger buddy with a book coming out tomorrow! Lauren Grier of Climbing Grier Mountain has a beautiful book called Modern Comfort Cooking that if you a fan of this website (and why would you be reading this if you weren’t) then you will love the stuff in this book. I mean, there is a whole mash-up section!

    I recently got my hands on an early copy of the book and was drawn to a recipe for stroganoff toasts. I love stroganoff and haven’t made it in about a year, so I was craving this savory creamy beef dish. Serving it on toast is a great way to have stroganoff as a finger food appetizer which is what I need this time of year!

    Ground beef, onions, mushrooms, beef stock, and sour cream.

    At this point it’s basically stroganoff paste. Spread the paste onto a baguette and top with lots of cheese. Lauren uses larger french bread in the book but I wanted to serve this as an appetizer.
    When it comes out of the oven, cut it up, top with parsley, and serve.

    A great little party app with deep savory flavors that everyone craves!

    Modern Comfort Cooking is out tomorrow, grab the book for this and many other tasty and beautifully shot recipes!