Beef Stroganoff Toasts

Beef Stroganoff Toasts

One thing that I would have never predicted when I started this blog (almost) 10 years ago, is how many people I know that have cookbooks now! When I walk through the cooking section of bookstores I see all my friends books and it’s an amazing feeling. That’s why I am pumped to see another blogger buddy with a book coming out tomorrow! Lauren Grier of Climbing Grier Mountain has a beautiful book called Modern Comfort Cooking that if you a fan of this website (and why would you be reading this if you weren’t) then you will love the stuff in this book. I mean, there is a whole mash-up section!

I recently got my hands on an early copy of the book and was drawn to a recipe for stroganoff toasts. I love stroganoff and haven’t made it in about a year, so I was craving this savory creamy beef dish. Serving it on toast is a great way to have stroganoff as a finger food appetizer which is what I need this time of year!

Ground beef, onions, mushrooms, beef stock, and sour cream.

At this point it’s basically stroganoff paste. Spread the paste onto a baguette and top with lots of cheese. Lauren uses larger french bread in the book but I wanted to serve this as an appetizer.
When it comes out of the oven, cut it up, top with parsley, and serve.

A great little party app with deep savory flavors that everyone craves!

Modern Comfort Cooking is out tomorrow, grab the book for this and many other tasty and beautifully shot recipes!


  1. That’s awesome!! Looks like I have another blog to start following ahah (because I have actually not been introduced to Climbing Grier Mountain until now!).
    Looks like you did a great job with the recipe!

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