Pomegranate Italian Paloma

Pomegranate Italian Paloma

Recipe sponsored by The Home Depot

After moving pretty much every year for 10 years, it’s been really nice staying in one place for a bit and making it our own. I have done a ton of upgrades to our current apartment, and it really feels like home!

When Home Depot wanted me to check out this new KitchenAid ice maker and install it as a weekend project, I jumped at the chance because an ice maker is one thing we don’t have and always wanted. We set reminders in the weeks leading up to having people over to fill and dump ice trays to make sure we have enough!

We had the perfect spot for this ice maker in our kitchen, and it only took me a few hours to run all the water and drainage hookups and we were in business. The first thing we did was have a few people over for a fancy holiday cocktail party and I made a signature drink that is great for entertaining this time of year. The perfect little cubes of crystal clear ice really helped up step up our entertaining game.

Our building was upgraded a few years before we moved in so it’s actually been great when it comes to having hookups in the right places. Every time I need water or a plug somewhere I end up finding what I need!

With everything hooked up and not leaking, I slid it in and it fit great.

I try to use pomegranate as much as I can this time of year because it is in season and just looks like the holiday season to me.

Hooked on grapefruit in cocktails right now and always.

Just look at this ice glistening in the sunlight!

Tequila, Italian bitter liqueur, grapefruit, and pomegranate juice.

Fill the glasses with ice, pour in the mix, and top with soda.

Some pom seeds and mint to garnish.

I love this drink! It hits all the notes I love in cocktails, it’s easy to make as just one or two, or in large batches, and it looks so nice!

And the ice maker really made it possible to have a signature drink at the party and not be worried about running out of ice.

Pomegranate Italian Paloma

A twist on a paloma that adds Italian bitter liqueur and pomegranate juice.
Prep Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Course: Drinks
Keyword: Mash-Up
Servings: 1 drink


  • 1 part tequila
  • 1/2 part Italian bitter liqueur like campari
  • 1 part grapefruit juice
  • 1/2 part pomegranate Juice
  • sparkling water
  • mint
  • pomegranate seeds


  • Mix the tequila, bitter liqueur, grapefruit, and pom juice in a cup.
  • Fill glass with ice and pour above mixture over the ice.
  • Add one tablespoon pomegranate seeds.
  • Fill glass with sparkling water, garnish with mint sprig, serve.

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