Maple Chipotle Hot Dogs

I have wanted to make hot dogs pretty much forever, so I made sure to finally check that off my list when I had access to the sausage stuffer. These hot dogs came out soo good! Next year, I want to make a huge batch of these at the beginning of spring, freeze them, and use them all summer! As awesome as they were, I would change a few things for next time. They definitely weren’t dry, but they also weren’t juicy, next time I would up the fat content. Secondly, the chipotle maple was subtle in these dogs and needed to be turned up a bit. Despite these shortcomings, they tasted great with an unmistakable beefy hot dog flavor and the natural casing had a perfect snap when you bit into it. Not bad for my first time!

If I added another skirt steak, that might have been enough fat.

Who uses real maple syrup in hot dogs?

Mmmm, just like your morning pancakes. Lots of paprika and salt in here, with a little bit of garlic, pepper and coriander.

I’m not sure if casings come in hot dog size, but where I bought them they didn’t, so I just filled them less and shaped them individually.

In between this picture and the last one, I cooked the dogs in a 200 degree oven for 3 hours until cooked through, then froze them because there was a few days before the party. They probably would have been fine in the fridge, but i didn’t want to get everyone sick!

Who is eating a burger with all these awesome sausages around?

At one point in time I was worried that these would not look hot dog-y, but I was wrong. Dead wrong.

Missy helped on the grill. Here she is about to hand one out. That is the green curry sausage from my recipe on the right.

Perfection. No other condiment needed.

I used one skirt steak, 1 lb boneless skinless chicken thighs, 3 lbs chuck, and 3 pieces of bacon. I ground these to a paste. Added paprika, maple, chipotle, coriander, garlic, salt, and pepper. I stuffed them into natural casings and baked at 200 for 3 hours or until cooked through. Grill or freeze! if you are unsure about the seasonings, cook a small piece before you stuff them, and adjust to your liking.


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