Lemon Pepper Wings and a Freeze Cup

Lemon on the chain with the V-Cuts. Lemon in the shade with my feet up. Lemon Pepper wings and a freeze cup. Lemon in their face watch ’em freeze up! Looking for lemon pepper wing recipes I realized that Wing Stop is known for them. Never heard of Wing Stop cause they aren’t really in New England. Also, a freeze cup is is just frozen kool-aid in the south, but I went with lemon italian ice. Refer to the bottom of this post if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Marinade for the wings. Recipe below. This sits overnight.

On to the Italian Ice. So much zest.

Mixing the zest with sugar and water.

I was really impressed with how this came out in the icecream maker, I was worried that it wouldn’t freeze.

Now back to the wings. I didn’t want black pepper to be the only pepper, so I added some shredded jalapeno to the wing sauce.

Nice day out.

I’m going as “Sprite” for Halloween.

Brown them up nice so that the skin is crisp and not gummy.

Into the sauce.

Why does my sister always make a weird face when she is on the website?

Wow these were really good! I mean, I will always be partial to fried wings with buffalo sauce, but these were really nice and different than what I am used to. The lemon and pepper really came through.

So if you don’t know, the lyrics are from a song by Gucci Mane called Lemonade. Gucci Mane is good and all, but the real reason I became obsessed with this song is the Major Lazer remix with Gucci and La Roux. The whole Lazerproof mixtape is free to download here, but I nabbed the song to stream for you guys. The lemon pepper wing part doesn’t come in till half way through!

Marinade the wings in buttermilk with a pinch of lemon zest, lots of pepper, little salt, and some garlic overnight. Then grill them till nice and crispy. Toss them in a sauce of one stick of butter, 2 microplaned jalapenos with no seeds, juice of 10 lemons(1 cup), salt, a TON of pepper, and about a teaspoon of mustard.

Use the zest from those 10 lemons above, plus 10 more, for the italian ice (came to 20 lemons, little over 1 cup of zest). Mix it with 2 cups of sugar and 3 cups of water and bring to an almost boil. Let it steep for an hour. Mesh strain out the zest. Mix with 1 cup of lemon juice(from those 10 extra lemons). Put in the freezer till the edges have ice chunks. Put in an icecream maker until it becomes awesome. If you don’t have an icecream maker, you can just scrape it every hour in the freezer, or food process the mixture every hour as it freezes.


  1. Hahaha! nice one, great post, great pics, greater chain!
    Is this the start of more song inspired food?

  2. Boon – I try and integrate music as much as I can, but its hard! Usually I just add a lyric here and there, but I like doing whole posts better. The problem is that if someone says say… “I salt and pepper my mango” or “Fake Philly Cheesesteak, but you use real toothpaste” in a song, how am I supposed to translate that into a whole meal?
    These are my favorite music posts:
    To Kim – Dont tell anyone it is a microsoft T-shirt. It makes is less cool… Whoops

  3. this looks amazing I can almost taste it. I’m definitely going to attempt to make this with my sister.

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