Lasagna Timpano


I went to see tUnE-yArDs on Monday night with some friends, and as always we wanted to cook a meal that somehow related to the show we were heading to. Sometimes this is hard to do, but other times it seems to come naturally. Finding culinary inspiration in Merrill’s lyrics seemed like it would be tough, but my sister knew what she wanted to make without hesitation. “How about something layered, because of all the vocal and instrument layering in the music?” From there we worked together to come up with this deep, colorful, and multi-flavored lasagna version of a timpano. If you are using words like deep, colorful, and multi-flavored to describe something inspired by tUnE-yArDs, you already know you got it right!


Start by making a lasagna crust. This is actually the hardest part of the recipe. Believe it or not, my sister and I had this thing in the oven in less than 45 minutes(Including making all 3 sauces from scratch). During this portion of making it though, I was getting really worried. Some naysayers in the room didn’t help.

Finally got it together.

Now it’s easy, just start building the layers!

Alfredo sauce with some salami goes first.

After 3 alfredo layers, I switched to pesto.

A cheese only layer, just for fun.

Tomato sauce is last.

It’s important to press things down as you go.

In my opinion, it can’t be lasagna without at least a little ricotta!

I painted on some alfredo at the end as a glue.

All sealed up.

After baking.

The flip is always a scary moment.


A thing of beauty.

Cutting is another tense event.


I still can’t believe how great this came out and how awesome it actually tasted!

Keep it somewhat dry when building it so it holds it’s shape after cooking. We saved some sauce to serve on the side but it honestly didn’t really even need it!

I totally meant to make it look like the album cover. I swear!


The tUnE-yArDs show was amazing! We were all super impressed, even after watching many live videos of her and knowing what to expect. If you’ve never heard of tUnE-yArDs, and you are wondering what to think of all this weird capitalization, watch these videos and you might understand a little better. The first one is the awesome music video for “Bizness”

And the next one is an example of how cool the show was! Notice all the live vocal and drum looping! Or layering if you will.

I am packing up and heading on a bit of a vacation today and I wont be back until late next week, so I have decided to not post all next week! I need a break! Don’t forget about me, I will be back with some awesome recipes before you know it.

Need more timpano?  I have made timpano twice before.


Lasagna Timpano
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Lasagna Timpano

A big lasagna cake
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Italian
Servings: 6 people


  • pesto
  • tomato sauce
  • alfredo sauce
  • lasagna noodles
  • salami
  • mozzarella
  • parm
  • provolone
  • ricotta


  • Lasagna timpano starts with a basic pesto, meaty tomato sauce, and alfredo. After you have those 3 things, you cook the lasagna (try and undercook it a bit) and build the thing.
  • Use a heavy oven safe bowl and spray it down first. The toughest part is building the crust, but after you have that, it's easy to make the layers. See photos above for how to start the crust layers.
  • Mine started with 3 alfredo layers (2 of which included salami), 2 pesto layers, a cheese layer(mozz, prov, and parm), 3 red sauce layers (2 of which included ricotta), and a top layer of alfredo, with extra cheese randomly in various other layers. Keep everything on the dry side so it doesn't fall apart when you flip it, but reserve some red sauce to serve on the side after you cut it up.
  • Bake at 350 for about an hour and 15 minutes, and let it sit for AT LEAST 20 minutes before flipping and cutting.


  1. Please edit the recipe to include instructions for it to be covered with a lid or foil or something. I learned the hard way that following this recipe with blind trust will result in the top being rock-hard, like, burnt to a crisp. Rookie mistake on my part, I know, but recipes should be detailed enough that even the amateurs can somewhat succeed.

  2. 5 stars
    I made this some years ago and plan to make it again tomorrow. It was delicious! There was no issue with not covering the top when I made it.

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