Fried Pickles

Two of my good friends go to Hooters every sunday at the same time, and I am not invited. Apparently I might mess up the delicate balance they have with the waitresses. See, they think that the waitresses actually LIKE them and want to hang out after work. What the waitresses actually like are the enormous tips they leave at the end of the 3 to 4 hour sessions they have there on the weekly Sunday funday. SERIOUSLY JOHN AND SAL STOP IT! Notice that she canceled your date last week? (oh dip) Maybe I am just jealous though since they won’t let me come. If I DID go, what I would get is the fried pickles, cause they rule. Much different from your standard fried pickle, these are breaded, not battered, and cut into chips, not spears. I made them this past Sunday to drown my sorrows while my friends were enjoying themselves at Hooters again.

Seasoned breading.

The pickles I made the other day.

Sorry for the deja vu, same 2 images in 2 posts in a row.

Lookin good!

Horray for some nice lookin photography on TFIMB!!! I am finally getting settled and feel like I am about to have a decent kitchen/studio setup again! In a few weeks every picture is gonna look good like this.

The dip is mayo, sriracha, paprika, and horseradish

I just love the crunch, followed by the vinegary explosion. As you can see in this image, some of my cornmeal was too coarse grain, If it was a finer grain this would be spot on, but a little less salty spice than the Hooters version. If you want to change that, add a little more salt and spice than the amount listed (there is no amount listed)

Next week is sausage week. All week. Sausages. Get pumped.


  1. Im going to be honest, going to Hooters with John and Sal sounds like the worst day ever. Those two together are a lot to handle on a Tuesday at a nursing home. I can only imagine them at a hooters and it hurts my head. Anyway, I want these. Come cook for me while I am disabled.
    P.S. “sausage week. All week. Sausages. Get pumped.” really? did you have to say ‘get pumped’ at the end of that?

  2. Hooters fried pickes are delicious!! Def. the first time I’ve had them in chips and had much more of a crunch…yum!
    So pumped for sausagefest 2010.
    John and Sal…grow up, or start to work their part time. Haha.

  3. Great recipe. These are a classic here in the south served with ranch. Not sure I’ve had them with cornmeal though. Lookin forward to sausage week!

  4. These look awesome and I can’t wait to try them! I did get a call one Sunday evening from the two of them asking me to come down but I could hear John harassing one of the waitress’ in the background and decided against that one.. HAHA! Although it might be quiet an amusing experience!

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