Chicken Parm

When I was young, chicken parm was my favorite meal. I got it whenever I went out to eat. I liked it so much that my mom even made it for me on my birthdays. (which happens to be tomorrow…) As I got older and more into the food world, I started to shrug off chicken parm as cheesy Italian-American fare. Something these so-called Italian restaurants serve to the masses. Places that lay on thick accents, but the food doesn’t resemble anything you would find in Italy. I try as hard as I can not to be snobby about food. Food is something that everyone shares, and if you are a snob about it, you will find yourself eating foie gras and sea urchin alone in a corner somewhere crying into your chilled melon and prosciutto soup(mmmsalty tears). If you set too many limits on your diet and only eat things people deep in the foodie world consider appropriate or acceptable, you may end up missing out on the best meal of your life! Last week I ate chicken parm for the first time in probably 4 years. I am sorry chicken parm and I hope you find it in your tenders to accept me back.

We usually use our potato ricer for pounding chicken. Make sure to put plastic wrap above and below it so tiny chicken pieces aren’t flying around the room. Be gentle, impatience causes torn chicken.

Make breadcrumbs for this meal. It makes a huge difference. Next time you use bread, freeze some and when you are ready to make this meal, just crumble it or put it in the blender. I’m pretty much done with store bought breadcrumbs.

The breadcrumbs mixed with parm, parsley, salt and pepper.

Breading chicken might seem intimidating, but it is really easy if you just take your time. Chicken parm would be a good way to start because you only need to bread and fry a few things compared to a bunch if you are making little fried appetizers.

After you coat it fully in flour, move along to the egg.

Really press the crumbs into the chicken

Then just add it to a pan of shallow hot olive oil. It should start bubbling right away. Test by just dipping the tip in and if it doesn’t start bubbling, wait.

This oil could actually be slightly less. It came up a bit too high on the chicken pieces but it did not affect the flavor or texture.

You can check out this tomato sauce recipe here.

  Thoselook nice and done.

I like to just smother them in sauce. If you fried them right, the breading will stay crispy and attached.

Mozzarella, provolone, and a little more parm.

The sauce is hot, the chicken is hot, so just give this a quick broil to brown the cheese on top. No need to bake it away for a half hour.


Don’t be food snobs people, it causes you to miss out on awesome stuff like this.

Sauce is here

Heat olive oil a quarter inch thick in a flat and heavy frying pan. Pound out chicken breasts until thin. Cut them in half so they are more manageable in the frying pan. Pat dry and lightly salt. In a bowl mix homemade breadcrumbs, parmesan, parsley, salt, and pepper. In another bowl put flour and in a third, 2 eggs beaten. Dip the chicken into the flour first and make sure to fully coat it but not have any excess or lumpy areas. Then dip it into the eggs, and finally the breadcrumb mixture. Make sure to press the breadcrumbs into the chicken and fully cover it. Dip one corner into the frying pan to make sure it is hot enough. If it is bubbling you are ready to go. Put it right into the pan and start the next one. Place them in the pan in a clockwise order so you know which to flip first. When they are nice and brown and crunchy on both sides, put them in a baking dish with some sauce on the bottom. Cover with more sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and a little more parm and broil until the cheese is browned. Serve with pasta also coated with the sauce.


  1. I too LOOOOOOOOVE chicken parm, but unlike you i never strayed. 🙂 Now usually i try to incorporate a nice salad before meals to stay healthy and help me not eat as much of the bad stuff during dinner…. NO. garlic bread? no. Chicken Parm needs no such silly ruffles. now this does not exclude a side of pasta. it might not be “in” the name but trust me, its in there. However due to taste i have made some changes that stray from the “orginal” recipe. i love crispy crispy crispy chicken. so 2 things change. i throw in some panko bread crumbs in the mix and i don’t put the tomato sauce ON the chicken. After the chicken is done i put fresh mozzarella straight on top and broil it. also adding to more crispiness on the chicken. then i serve it over a liberal ladle of sauce. and kind of….well….dunk! you still get all the yummy flavors but each component is a little more defined. the perfect blend of crisp chicken, cheese and sauce isn’t just given to you….you have to work for it! when you take a bite, you move from crunch to gooey cheesiness and only then, after a couple chomps, does it all start coming together! at this point, lord help you if you add a mouthful of fresh pasta in there…..DONE-SKI!

  2. Happy Birthday Dan!! the chic parm look yumalicious! I haven’t been on your site in week or two and was very excited to see you now have a search option now…. how very exciting! your new site looks very very nice. Kudos to Richie & Kimmy??

  3. Happy Birthday Dan, I would have made this for you if you were home. I would suggest cooking the chicken in the oven a little longer to be sure it is cooked through. I think I’m going to bake a cake in your honor. Miss you

  4. This looks delicious! I figured making my own breadcrumbs would be a little more complicated, that is why I have never tried it, but I am definitely going to attempt it now. As always you make it look so easy.

  5. The intro to this post made me laugh! The food snob part was just too funny hehehe. You guys make this dish quite different to how we usually get served here. In Australia it isn’t cooked in the sauce & cheese, rather we put the sauce, ham & cheese just on the top then into the oven. Sometimes some restaurants even put pineapple on top!
    I must admit though, your method looks more tastier : )

  6. First, thats what she said.
    Second happy birthday.
    Third I ate your birthday chicken parm dinner a few weeks ago, as even tho your not here mom still made it and I had your cake yesterday. Both were awesome. just so you know.

  7. mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!
    I make stuffed chicken parm just like you did. But I stuff mine with mozz and spinach.
    and happy birthday tomorrow!

  8. dude, that looks mad good. altho, i would have had a little more red sauce on the side to put over the pasta and chicken…i love having too much red sauce all over it.
    happy birthday by the way. =P

  9. I have been coming to this site for about 6 weeks now. I absolutely love it. I had never made Chicken Parm before and I used this post as an excuse to invite some folks over and make a sh*tload of it for everyone. It was incredible. My tall skinny roommate who eats like a bird even wiped the plate clean! Excellent. And keep up the amazing work. Best –

  10. Happy B Day Dan, maybe I’ll comb my hair out for ya! Can’t wait to make it, it’s Eddie’s fav so I’m making a ton your way tonight!

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