Caprese Summer Rolls

Why didn’t I post yesterday? Well it may be somewhat often that I have a rough weekend and am unable to get a post up on a Monday, but this weekend was different. That’s cause here in Boston, Monday was a holiday! Officially, it’s called Patriots day, but everyone knows it as Marathon Monday. I was lucky enough to have the day off and hang out with some really good friends, touring the race route and patronizing many local establishments. A few weeks ago my sister and I jokingly mentioned mixing Vietnameese and Italian foods, and finally brought them together yesterday morning with these caprese summer rolls.

I’m pretty sure this girl won it all.

Friends enjoying the sunshine.

After we watched the leaders go by, we came inside for a snack before going back out to cheer on the rest of the runners.  These are the summer roll ingredients.

Grab the wrapper and dip it into he water for a few seconds only. It will seem like it needs more time, but the water will slowly continue to permeate the shell.

Basil first so you can see the leaves through the wrapper.

Salami next.

Then the mozzarella and tomatoes.


Missy is enjoying one!

No recipe for this one, dip the wrapper in water for a few seconds, and fill it with amazingness.


  1. There’s a clone of you in the background of the second picture…
    I missed Marathon cheering on this year cuz I was away… looks like fun and the rolls look simple and tasty – was it balsamic vinaigrette to dip them in?

  2. Great idea! I love making summer rolls of all varieties but never thought to at cheese or cured meats. The balsamic for dipping is perfect!

  3. I love the idea of Italian-Asian fusion. Kudos to you for inventing, making and eating your new dish. Looks great!

  4. That combination looks so wrong and oh so right. Also, it leaves me wondering what a fried Italian roll would be like (melted cheese…)

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