BBQ Shortrib Shepherds Pie

3 Pies in a row? This is an over the top version of shepherds pie I made this past weekend. The idea was to combine the flavors of an end of summer backyard BBQ, pulled pork sandwiches, and shepherds pie. It was a complete success and I suggest anyone to try this update on an old recipe. My only complaint was that I didn’t get to keep the leftovers!

A nice sear.

Building the sauce. some beef stock, beer, chili powder, bay leaf, and bbq sauce.

This is the bbq sauce, I heated it up before adding it.

While the beef cooked, I prepped the other layers.

Corn, jalapenos, cabbage, and tomatoes are the middle layer. The idea of cabbage came from a pulled pork sandwich since we were shredding the beef. I wanted some textural contrasts and not a big mushy pile.

After a few hours, I shredded the beef.

I think I need a bigger pan.

Bacon and scallions for the potato layer. Best meal ever.

A sprinkle of cheddar to finish it off.



I wish I took the leftovers home! Steph got to eat them all.

Meat layer
About 15 short ribs seared. Then add to the same pot- a bottle of bbq sauce a beer, and a carton of beef stock. Toss in a bay leaf and some chili powder.  Return the ribs to the pot with any accumulated juice. Cover and simmer or put in the oven at 325 for 2 and a half hours. when it is done, shred and put in the bottom of the shepherds pie pan with enough of the cooking liquid to make it juicy.

Corn Layer
6 ears of fresh corn, 1/3 head of cabbage shredded, 6 jalapenos, 2 tomatoes. salt

Potato Layer
Mash potatoes with butter, garlic, and cream. Add cooked bacon and scallions


  1. That looks rad! Did the cabbage retain any crispness after baking? I’m sure it would be good with a crisp, vinegary slaw along side as well. Great recipe, thanks!

  2. Man you took credit for a lot of this meal. Haha. J/K. LOL. JLO. I’ve enjoyed the leftovers for the last 3 days. Pretty excessive but I can’t waste it! You were supposed to take it with you!
    The cabbage is still crispy!

  3. I made this last night and it was amazing! The process for cooking the beef is a total game changer and now I have lunch for the rest of the week here at work.
    Thanks for all the fantastic Ideas!

  4. I want to make this! ….but it is a “man” recipe without measurements. Could you fill it out a little more for me in terms of how many potatoes, bacon etc… and include oven temp and time for final layered product?
    It looks awesome!

  5. Joan –
    I made this over a year ago, so unfortunately I have no idea 🙁 I would guess about a half hour on 400 and if it’s not browned on top by then, broil it a bit. As for amount of potatoes, It looks like about 5 large ones? maybe 3 – 4 slices of bacon? one bunch of scallions? Just make mashed potatoes the way you like them, then add some bacon 🙂

  6. Looks good, but since its not lamb, not sure how it can be called a shepherd’s pie, they tend to look after sheep not cows, its really a cottage pie.

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