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Pop Tart Cake


When I originally asked my sister what she wanted me to make for the week of easy college recipes, she replied with 2 words: pop tarts. Well I wasn't going to actually make pop tarts, because not only has it been done to absolute death by food bloggers, but it's also not exactly easy, and frankly isn't even worth the effort. I instead made this cool pop tart stuffed cake that is super easy to do and a fun and unique cake to serve at a party. I forgot how much college kids love pop tarts and I was no different when I was there. I used Cherry pop tarts cause it is her favorite, but it would be fun to do this cake with different flavor combos or using my favorite pop tart flavor: S'mores.

So I suggest you college kids to use store bought cake mix, but I obv made my own. I used the Smitten Kitchen recipe.

Obligitory cake making pictures... ugh this is why I don't bake on here.

Blah blah. Cake. This totally looks separated, but that's how it's supposed to look. Deb even says so.

Adding flour and stuff.

OK! finally on to the fun stuff. Layer the pop tarts in with the cake batter.

Then bake them a bit longer than the instructions say cause intead of thin rounds we have a big brick of cake with layers of insulation.

Don't make the frosting until the cake has cooled. It only takes 2 seconds to make.

This is the viscosity you are going for.

Frosting a cake has never been so easy!

Now thats a pop tart cake!

College week has been sooooo much fun for me. Hope you guys enjoy!

So to recap - Use store bought cake mix, unless you are feeling ambitious and want to use this cake. Find a loaf pan that fits the pop tarts, add a little cake batter, then 2 tarts, and keep going until you fill the pan and use 8 pop tarts. Bake about 45 minutes at 25 degrees less than the instructions tell you to.

The frosting is super easy too. Just mix 5 cups of powdered sugar with 2 tablespoons of melted butter and approximately 1/4 cup of milk. Whisk together to form the frosting and add a little more milk if it needs to be more liquidy. Make sure to wait until the cake is cooled to pour this over the top and let it drip down all the sides. Top with some multi colored sprinkles.


I love this. I'm not even a poptart fan but this is awesome. I love how you frosted it to look like one huge pop tart brick

College week was a success, and this cake is pretty fun and yummy. Why do you hate baking so much?


Look at me! Commenting on your blog. I should get a medal for this shit.

Also - I want it with a snicker doodle cake (something cinnamon-y) and brown sugar pop tarts nestled inside. Yum. Also if you do a s'mores one use chocolate cake and glaze.

Umm, this looks *amazing*! I LOVE snacks that look like other snacks. Delish.

Oh man! My best friend LOOOVVEESS pop tarts! I know what I'm doin for her birthday now! looks like some serious fun. :)

"Blah blah. Cake."
LOL I just stumbled upon your website and it's so fun and funny!

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