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Breakfast Nachos


There is a traditional breakfast dish in mexico called chilaquiles which basically is soggy breakfast nachos. I decided to make my own version of breakfast nachos, but shred any sense of authenticity and just make them my way. They came out way better than I expected, and I would recommend this dish to anyone, especially next time you happen to be hungover. I could imagine this being served for 15 bucks at your local uptight gastropub brunch.

One layer of chips with cheese on them. After they broil, stack the chips onto a serving dish.

Cook some eggs over easy.

Toss the cooked eggs into a bowl and chop them up, letting the yolks form a sauce and coat the whites.

The chips are piled with bacon and salsa, and the eggs get poured on top.

These are so so so good.

Each bite was like a perfect little breakfast treat in a single mouthful.

Mandi was the hand model for this shot.  My diet has been "starting tomorrow" since Jan 1!

Broil some cheese on to a single layer of chips. Stack them on a serving dish with cooked bacon and salsa. Cook a bunch of eggs over easy. Place them into a bowl and chop up into small pieces letting the yolk form a sauce. Pour the egg mixture over the chips and serve immediately.


a little bit of bacon crumbles on top? Everything needs bacon!

Bacon or chorizo? huevos rancheros nachos?

Have I ever told you that I love you?
If I wasn't already married, I'd ask you to marry me...

If your chilaquiles are soggy, you're doing them wrong.

This recipe sounds pretty delish if I ever saw an american version of my favorite mexican dish, this is it :D

Made these today and enjoyed them with a whole lot of mimosa! We used veggie chorizo instead of bacon, and also added avocado and sour cream. Because we don't mess around.

A. mazing. We could eat these forever and ever.

We call them Chilaquiles.

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