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November 2010 Archives

Korean Mandoo


I first was introduced to the Korean dumpling known as Mandoo by my good friend Amy in Bermuda. These Korean Mandoo I posted on Tablespoon today are crunchy on the outside and packed with flavor and warmth on the inside. They would be great to pass around at the begining of your holiday function!

Pumpkin and Blue Cheese Soup

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Last week Kate Nash was in Boston and I had some friends over for dinner before the show. Feeling inspired by one of her songs, I decided to make pumpkin soup. A friend of mine told me about a pumpkin and blue cheese soup which he had recently on vacation in the Dominican Republic. He said that it was the best soup he ever had, so naturally I had to try it! The lyrics to her song don't actually have anything to do with pumpkin soup. But as I was making this tangy blue cheese version, I realized that the cheese and pumpkin in my soup have a similar relationship to Kate and the boy in her song. The odd combination resulted in a surprisingly nice change from the standard squash and pumpkin soups that dominate the season.

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Never in my life did I think I would eat or make a Turducken. When I first heard about it 10 years ago, it sounded gross to a much younger me. 3 years ago when I started blogging, always looking for newer harder cooking challenges, it still wouldn't have been something I wanted to take on. Even a month ago it was the last thing on my mind when I received an email. I would pitch in for turducken. I think we've talked about this since forever and have never done it. Do we build one ourselves, or can you buy them from somewhere? As you know from my recent posts, we hosted friends for thanksgiving last weekend. The date had already been planned when I got that email and I just sat there staring at it. At this moment, my destiny had been set forth. I can build it was my only reply.

I never imagined how much I would actually enjoy every moment of this process. The pre-party email jokes, sourcing the local birds from farms in the area, de-boning a turkey but leaving the right bones so it still looked like a turkey, taking lots of pics, the excitement from friends when they realized that it wasn't a joke anymore. But the best moment was cutting through the turducken in front of the crowd to reveal the meat-mass in all it's glory, and then of course, devouring it!

That being said, this is a long post! If you want to learn something, read through it all, but if you get grossed out by icky pictures of butchering raw poultry, skip down half way to see some pictures of the final product and a bunch of my friends having the feast of a lifetime.

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Thai Shrimp Wontons

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Tomorrow will cap off my recent Thanksgiving series with the best Thanksgiving post yet, but first, check out these Thai wontons I posted on Tablespoon today. These little guys packed a big punch of heat, but you can tone down the spice if you are a wimp by taking some of the seeds out of the peppers.



Boozy orange goodness sounded like a great addition to my thanksgiving party, but unfortunately it didn't come out that good! I have made lemoncello in the past, so I thought it would be a cool idea to follow the same recipe but with oranges instead. I tried really hard to get all peel and none of the bitter white pith, but the final product still came out SUPER bitter. Like...really really bitter. Also, it was crazy strong. I still offered it to people after dinner, and everyone seemed to actually like it, but they liked a drop of the orancello in a large glass of soda water, not the orancello itself.

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Delicata Frittata

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This was another dish that I was skeptical about. When Tom said he was bringing a fritatta to Thanksgiving I was unsure how it would fit in, but not only did it fit in, it became one of the highlights of the meal. I dont think I have ever eaten delicata squash, but it is really tasty! Almost reminded me of a cross between summer and winter squash.

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Leek and Mushroom Soup


This tasty soup was brought to the party by Emma. When I first heard Mushroom and Leek soup (on our shared "what are you bringing to thanksgiving" spreadsheet), I was pretty unenthused for it. (ps, I just nailed that last sentence... Writing!) But when I had a bowl, things changed completely! This was one of the few things at the party that I actually got seconds of. There was a great depth of flavor for a soup that didn't have meat or long cooking times. Super earthy and cozy, this is what soup should taste like.

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Stuffed Onions

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For the second guest post from my thanksgiving party last weekend, Linna made stuffed onions. I've never heard of or seen stuffed onions. Is it a normal thing? Has anyone else had them before? I think they are going to be a new staple for me. I love stuffing things as you guys have probably noticed, and an onion was something I never really realized that you could stuff. My brain is spinning with possibilities! Linna further impressed me by making homemade stuffing where a boxed kind probably would have gone unnoticed. This was a great addition to our feast!

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Extreme Brussel Sprouts

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The best thing about the Thanksgiving we hosted at my place this past weekend, was all the amazing dishes people brought! So good in fact, that before hand I told everyone I would be stealing some for the site. The good news was that no one had any problem with this and in fact even went out of their way to take pictures and give me recipes. This first one is from Steve, who is one of the contributors over at the Mediocre Music Blog. His seemingly simple sprout recipe has a secret ingredient that makes it extreme, sriracha! This post is a little embarrasing for me actually, because my guest posters photos are better than mine have been lately!!! My excuse is that I am still learning the angles, colors and lighting of my new kitchen.

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Scallop, Sausage, and Sweet Potato Tacos

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled thanksgiving programming for a taco. Not just any taco, an amazing surf and turf type of taco that I posted on tablespoon this week. Awesome (as usual right?), easy, and delicious, Lets make taco night tonight!



I don't know if this is happening elsewhere in the country, but in Boston right now, it seems like everyone is freaking out about the newest caffeinated alcohol drink called fourloko. I dont know if anyone has told this gem of wisdom to the news: The best way to get college kids to drink something is to tell them it is very dangerous and that they shouldn't drink it. I guess it worked, cause fourloko is flying off the shelves! The guy at the liquor store said that noone was buying them, but ever since they were on the news he can't keep them in stock. The last few weekends in a row I have seen a friend drinking one just to be funny. This was the fourth year in a row that this group of friends has gotten together for thanksgiving, and every year the tradition is to drink a whole jug of carlo rossi during dinner. Someone had the genius idea of mixing the wine with the fourloko, and magic occurred!

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Bread Pudding Stuffing


I had a friends thanksgiving at my apartment this weekend and it was a huge success! Lots of amazing food, friends and good times. The event will be the focus of the website this week. To start with, I have a savory bread pudding made "stuffing" style. Playing around with traditional stuffing recipe can be a little nerve racking because people really like their stuffing. The thing is though, everyone has a different idea of how stuffing should be. Calling this a bread pudding stuffing takes some of the pressure off. I really like how this ended up, it was creamy in the middle and really really crunchy on top with just the perfect amount of stuffing flavor. Stay tuned this week to see what else I made and all the awesome stuff people brought over!

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Beef and Bean Arepa


I will be the first to admit that I've been a little slacky with the blog this week, but not to worry, good stuff is on the way! I am hosting thanksgiving this weekend with a bunch of friends, so I will have a ton of thanksgiving recipes for you guys to cook for your families this year!   Also what's up with 2 tablespoon posts this week?   Well my deal with them is 5 per month, so sometimes there will be 2 in a week. Deal with it!  Some cool news though about the tablespoon website, my blog friend and rival Macheesmo has joined the taste for adventure team! Check out his donut recipe. We have a pretty great crew assembled there now, so stay tuned for some awesome recipes.

Speaking of recipes, I love making arepas and each time I do it gets easier, and the final product comes out better! I highly suggest getting into the arepa habit. This arepa recipe I posted today on Tablespoon was a big hit a few Sundays ago when my friends were over watching football. Check it out and make some for your friends this weekend!

Chorizo and Kale Stuffed Chicken


Kale, chicken, poblano, chorizo, pepperjack. How could this not be amazing? These stuffed peppers were one of the best things I have made in awhile. Pretty simple, short shopping list, and very impressive looking!  I posted the recipe on Tablespoon, so check it out and cook it for dinner tonight!

Carrot and Leek Soup


The inspiration for this soup came pretty much from the fact that I didn't feel like going to the store on a cold rainy Sunday. My sister gave me one of the last bags from her CSA this year. There were some beautiful carrots and leeks in there, so I decided to make them into soup. The soup came out great. Silky smooth, super savory, warming, and comforting on that cold afternoon.

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Smoky Sweet Potato and Lamb Biryani


Biryani is usually my last choice when I go out for Indian food. I really like having the spicy juicy curry on one side of my plate, and the cooling dry rice or naan on the other side. The 2 elements meet on my fork in a happy union. Biryani bascially takes them and bakes them together in one big pot. I have had a few interesting ideas recently involving biryani style dishes, so before I can go crazy with the concept, it is important to learn the basics! This is a pretty standard biryani that would be fun to make for a party and just dump in the center of the table after it is fully baked.

Squash Croquette

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Last week when I posted the chickpea picatta, I had some leftover squash ravioli filling, so I asked everyone what I should do with it. Someone in the comments suggested making croquettes with the filling, and I loved the idea and made it the next night! I served it "chicken parm style" with pasta and a meaty tomato sauce.

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Roasted Aloo Gobi and Feedback


Aloo Gobi is delicious, but sometimes comes out as a mush of flavors. This recipe roasts the potatoes and cauliflower instead of cooking it all together in the pan to help the final dish have some clarity. The recipe is up on Tablespoon today. Also when you hit up tablespoon, you may notice that the site has been totally redesigned and relaunched. It is looking awesome and I am really proud to be part of the team! That leads me to my next questions. Do you guys like my posts on tablespoon? Do you go there and read them? It is basically the same stuff I would normally put on here, just on there instead. Do you like that I always post the tablespoon recipes on TFIMB too to make sure you check them out? Unrelated, Are people still getting the malware warning screen? I really am pretty sure that the malware is gone, but google is taking forever to re-scan my site and take down the message! Lastly, I know some of you are dieing for Foodie Fights to come back, and I know I have said this almost weekly since it went down, but I hope to announce a new battle a week from today... So leave me a comment answering these questions, or asking any other questions, or feel free to email me instead!