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Jello Shots!


When most people think jello shots, they immediately flash back to some college party where there were two types of jello shots: green with a handle of ten dollar vodka and yellow with a handle of ten dollar rum. Pretty much the goal with those is to get it down without ever really tasting it. THESE jello shots are different. Each one is based on a real cocktail and is thoughtfully prepared with different ingredients. The list of jello shots has been growing since college and keeps expanding still!

The basic method is as follows: boil one cup of water, add one packet of jello, mix two minutes (don't skimp on this it will be grainy!), add one cup alcohol, pour into little cups. If you are using two packets or one large box then this doubles to: boil two cups of water, add jello, mix two minutes, add two cups alcohol, pour into cups. If you remember this you can make pretty much any shot your mind can create!!! I will include a list at the end of all the variations I've come up with thus-far. The pics are of some of the recipes that deviate slightly from my basic method. Along with a couple pics of the process...

The basic tools. bowl and spoon for mixing, flat measuring cup for easy measuring of liquids, ladle and spouted measuring cup for filling.

I get these little cups at a restaurant supply store. I used to put them in little dixie cups but sometimes I travel with them and these guys travel great and have little lids! 

"jager bomb" black cherry jello (sometimes i use orange they are both good here) and red bull. boil two cups red bull, mix two minutes, then add two cups jager.

"margarita" this one can only be done as a double because it has two alcohols. Boil two cups water, mix two minutes, add one cup tequila, half cup triple sec, half cup lime juice. I like to wait till this one is almost set up and then add some margarita salt to the top before putting the lids on!

"rum and coke" cook two cups coke, mix two minutes, add two cups light rum

Move from the mixing bowl to something easier to pour with.

"mimosa" this one varies from the normal method too. Since champagne isn't as strong as liquor I cut the water outa this guy. I boil one cup champagne, mix 2 min, add one more cup champagne and a splash of OJ. For a double box like shown, boil 2 cups champagne, mix two min, add two cups champagne, couple splashes OJ.

"silk" this is based off a cocktail from my favorite Thai restaurant here on the island. Boil one cup champagne, mix 2 minutes, add one cup champagne and splash of lychee juice from the can. We couldn't find lychees this day so this is a fruit that is very similar. I like to cut these in half and plop them into the cups so there's a little piece of lychee in each one!

"lemon drop" With this one I like to sprinkle a little sugar on top after they have mostly hardened before I put the lid on.

"orange tic tac" normally I wouldn't use grey goose in the jello shots, but I needed mandarin orange vodka (absolute makes one) and none was to be found in the store that day. Boil two cups red bull, mix two minutes, add two cups mandarin orange vodka


Sex on the Beach (orange and cranberry jello, plain vodka, peach snapps)

Rum and Coke (dark cherry jello, light rum, coke)

Lemon Drop (lemon jello, citrus vodka, sugar sprinkles)

Grape Crush (grape jello, plain vodka, chambord)

Hawaiian (pineapple (or blueberry) jello, coconut rum)

Gin and Tonic (lime jello, gin, tonic water)

Margarita (lime jello, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, salt sprinkles)

Lemon Lime (lemon and lime jello, citrus vodka, sprite)

Jaeger Bomb (dark cherry (or orange) jello, jaeger, red bull)

Orange TicTac (orange jello, mandarin orange vodka, red bull)

Blueberry (blueberry jello, blueberry vodka)

Mimosa (orange jello, champaign, orange juice)

Silk (strawberry jello, champaign, leeche juice)

Fruit Punch (mixed fruit jello, blueberry vodka, raspberry vodka)

Watermelon (watermelon jello, watermelon vodka)

red headed slut (cran jello, peach snapps, triple sec, jager)


I love you mandi!!!! gimme shots NOW!

Why couldn't you have done this post yesterday! I would have totally intergrated them into my party tonight.

PS I have grown your fan base by 4... my mom wants to make lasagna, my sis reads the blog daily, and my sister wants my aunt to upgrade her normal christmas jello shots with these...


YES!!!! I GREAT new variety to my jello-shot list! Thanks!

This blog continues to amaze me on a daily basis. Mandi, you have provided me with inspiration for a fun NYE party now, AND an excuse to buy miniature things. ;-)

These look delish. But you do realize that boiling the Champagne will remove all of the alcohol from it... so boiling Champagne isn't making it any stronger. Alcohol begins to evaoprate at 173.3° F while water boils at 212. This means you also should let the boiled liquid cool a bit before pouring in the alchohol.
Because what good is a jello shot if you aren't getting drunk? ;)

well the goal here is mostly for deliciousness. there is still some alcohol in the champagne ones because of the part put in cold. also it is nice to have varying degrees of strength in the shots. then later at night if people still want more jello, but are kind of drunk, they can have the less strong but more delicious "silk" shot. everyone left drunk last night so i don't think it was an issue haha

Love it! Somehow, I still remember that Spring day. Someone was even kind enough to snap a picture of me licking the bottom of the pan.

This post is awesome and I am definitely going to be drawing on it for inspiration for my upcoming birthday party! :D

It's like a rainbow of jello cups ;) You are so creative on the different types you can make.

Great post. I have a bottle of watermelon vodka that I wasn't sure what to do with, and jello shots makes perfect sense. I also have a big bottle of absolut vanilla and find myself making fewer chocolatinis than anticipated. What would go well? Maybe orange juice and orange jello for a creamsicle shooter? Hmm!

yeah april creamsicle is a great idea! let me know how it tastes. another variation that might be good with the vanilla vodka would be with coke and cherry jello like a yummy vanilla coke. my friend steph says that pudding shots are cool too which would be good with vanilla vodka i bet. ive never tried them myself so not sure how they work exactly... but seems to me like vanilla vodka would mix well with a pudding dessert... hmmm maybe a good thing to try soon :)

I love the fact that you take those with you in your purse!! :)
How about a Red Snapper shot? cranberry jello, peach schnapps (or peach juice I guess) and bourbon...
Or a pina colada shot: rum, pineapple jello and coco milk? that might look funny. :D

Since when is Freixenet champagne?

Try making the sex on the beach jello shots by dissolving the orange jello into a cup of cranberry juice then adding 5 oz vodka and 3 oz schnapps.

or not as good but still better than most, lime jello with vodka/rum and a splash of peppermint schnapps for a mojito jello shot.

I tried my hand at making a few of these variations for a New Year's party. They were a huge hit! I could definitely tell a difference between the jello shots I have had at other parties and these. I really enjoyed using nice liquors, and the results were delectable! Although they were all very popular, my personal favorite was Sex on the Beach.

I did not use any triple sec in the Red Headed Slut since it is traditionally just Jager and Peach Schnapps. It turned out great.

I did sprinkle salt on the margarita jello shots; however, I would not recommend it. Most of my guests found the salt-jello combo nauseating- I would have to agree. If you do decide to use margarita salt make sure the jello has been refrigerated for at least 3 hours. Otherwise, the salt will melt forming a liquid layer on top of the jello.

Also, anyone in the U.S. looking for the little cups with lids- I found them at PARTY CITY. They come in 1.25 and 2 oz containers.

Thanks for the post Mandi!

I tried my hand at making a few of these variations for a New Year's party. They were a huge hit! I could definitely tell a difference between the jello shots I have had at other parties and these. I really enjoyed using nice liquors, and the results were delectable! Although they were all very popular, my personal favorite was Sex on the Beach.

I did not use any triple sec in the Red Headed Slut since it is traditionally just Jager and Peach Schnapps. It turned out great.

I did sprinkle salt on the margarita jello shots; however, I would not recommend it. Most of my guests found the salt-jello combo nauseating- I would have to agree. If you do decide to use margarita salt make sure the jello has been refrigerated for at least 3 hours. Otherwise, the salt will melt forming a liquid layer on top of the jello.

Also, anyone in the U.S. looking for the little cups with lids- I found them at PARTY CITY. They come in 1.25 and 2 oz containers.

Thanks for the post Mandi!

do i add water in the "jager bomb"? or the one with coke and rum?

this is genius :)

norbrand - those two dont need any water. just substitute and use all coke/red bull. its just the ratio that matters so soda works just as good as water.

stephanie - sorry i guess that was my bad with the salt! the first time i made them i coated the whole top with salt and youre right, they came out pretty gross and way overwhelming. now i just sprinkle on a very small amount, not even a pinch just enough for a tiny tang. and yeah, the salt does have to go on when they are completely cold or you get liquid. same with the sugar on the lemon drops. but you dont have to be quite as sparing with the sugar on the lemon drops. i guess i should have mentioned those points! hope didnt mess up your shots too bad!

thanks for the new ideas. ill have to try them for the next go-around! i love trying new variations!

Good fun we had during college was making "atomic morgasm's" If you have any experience making jello shots you know you can only add so much alcohol before the jello will not gel. Overcome most simply by soaking pieces of fruit overnight in PGA or whatever else tickles you fancy, and puting one in each jello shot. Jello shot with a kick. Good times.

Wow they look really excellent! I'm sure they'd be fab for any party!

I love the idea of cocktail shots!

I tried the jaeger bomb, genius!
another delicious one is 2 cups water + double strawberry banana jello package + a cup of coconut rum + a half cup of strawberry banana v8!!!

Great. I am going to serve these at my next AA meeting. Thanks.

Mandi, You need to check out friend of mine started it and has added some of my jello shot recipes to it....and you can add 2 alcohols just make sure you don't use but 1 cup total for the small box and 2 cups for the large box.try Royal Peach or Chocolate cherry

Jello shots rule!!! d

Why not use Grey Goose? It's not a particularly good quality Vodka anyway, so masking it with other flavours is the only way to make it drinkable. Now if you're talking Ketel One or Iceberg that's another story.

Not sure if you have them where you are, but if you get the little cups from McDonald's that they use for BBQ sauce, you knw, the little white ones, they cruch between your fingers, so the jello shot comes right out into your mouth no lids, mind you, but less fuss.

Wow i am so excited to make all these great jello shots for my birthday!!!!!

i stumbled upon this website about two months ago and have been looking for an excuse to try some out. finally got one last week!! :]

the mimosa shots came out delicious!! i skipped the cup (bad experiences getting them out) and opted to put them in orange halves (, it made them sooo pretty and really easy to eat.

thanks so much for the ideas!!

Just so everyone knows, boiling alcohol doesn't cook all of it off, that's a common myth. It won't be as strong as before, sure, but a quick boil shouldn't reduce it by more than 50%

Very colorful. Can you get buzzed off of this though?

I am so intrigued by the jigglers shots. We've been debating these for years as a way to inadvertently get a "favorite aunt drunk. How do you get them to set-up firm enough?

dan - you can for sure get buzzed off these. they may be yummy but that doesn't make them any less lethal! there is quite a bit of alcohol in there...

liz - when they are in those small 1 oz containers they only take about 4-5 hours in the fridge to firm up. although i prefer to let them set over night if i have the time.

this site has some awesome jello shot recipes too if anyone is interested...

O-M-G!! I love jelly shots! People regard them as my specialty, as you get hammered off them without realising it :)
I've never experimented as in depth as these recipies - the most I've done is use different flavours of Vodka.
I'm def going to try the Jaegermeister one, coz I love Jager Bombs :)
Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

Terri Ann, I'm right there with ya. I love a jager bomb. And those jello shots are awesome. My friend made some last weekend and we got hammered. Be careful with your ratio though. One batch had WAY too much jager in it and they were hard to handle.

does anyone know how many the jagar recipe makes?

These all look great! You might also want to check these out: - they make pretty great edible cups for jello shots.

A large box of jello, one cup of jager and three cups of redbull (two boiled and one cold) makes 34 jager bombs in the 2oz party city cups. And they are awesome!

I'm a Jello shot geek. I've pretty much perfected the whole process, a really good tip of mine is instead of using Jello, use unflavored Gelatin. The kind that you find in the canning section of the grocery store. you can make it any flavor you want, and if you let the powder sit in the cold liquid for 2-3 minutes and stir really good the whole time, add the boiling liqiud ( I normally use the liquor as the cold and the flavoring as the hot) the shots will set up in less than an hour in the fridge. and they are not flimsy pansy ass jello shots, they're really firm and you can even toss them at people.

I made myself a Jello shot birthday cake this way and used the whip cream/jello trick to make it an amazing concoction of booze and yummy.

I like to use orange jello and vanilla vodka. The seriously tastes like creamsicles! Tasty! :)

Really nice page Mandi! It sounds like the Jager Bomb is the best shot here. I liked the comment Steve made on the vanilla and orange combo tasting like an cream pop.

I made some delicious strawberry banana ones. I used 1/2 cup boiling water, 1/2 cup strawberry puree and 1 cup 99 bananas. Best fruity flavor ever! I'm going to try with mango puree next time, not sure what kind of alcohol yet though... any suggestions?

hey annie, love the idea of using fruit purees, yum! will def add it onto my party list next time! as for alcohols that go with mango... my first thought was like a tropical-type shot with a light rum and a pineapple jello. but some other fun options might be like a mango margarita. the margarita one is usually a little too strong for most people anyway so you could leave out some of the tequila/trip sec and replace it with mango puree, i bet that'd be tasty. would also be nice in a mango mimosa or belini with the puree and champagne /prosecco and either orange or strawberry jello?

I've found my mecca! I've been the "jello queen" in my neck of hte woods for some time. Will be taking my first shot at the Jaegerbombs today.

Just a hint -- an awesome opportunity for jello shot lovers presented itself over the summer with the presentation of pina colada, strawberry daquiri and margarita flavored jello! Now those flavors are so much easier.

The best margarita shots EVER are made with the magarita jello and the new Cuervo margarita mix with the tequila already in it. Yum!

I was pleased with the pics of your stacks of shots. That's how my fridge looks pretty much all summer. Now my husband knows I'm not alone in my obsession.

Leslie (Mrs. James - no lie) Bond

AHH I just made some DELICIOUS fuzzy jell-o and peach schnapps...unfortunately i underestimated how much jell-o to buy and ran i have about 7 shots...but mmmmmmmm

I have never made jello shots and need to make them for a party this weekend - 12 adults. I'm thinking the Sex on the Beach ones sound really good. How many packs of jello, etc. should I buy? Thanks for the help!

Mimosa jello shot???? AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need to try it ASAP ..... AWESOME DUDE!!!!!

First of all, I found this blog forEVER ago and I've had it booked marked since then, and in about a month my boyfriend and I are getting our first-ever sans-roommates apartment and I'm planning a house-warming party and the first thing that came to mind was this blog. SO EXCITED, writing my shopping list right now.

Second, my question: I've always wanted to try Chambord and the Grape Crush shot is a great excuse to buy some. Does either the vodka or the Chambord replace the water? Or is it 2c water, jello, then 1/2c vodka 1/2c Chambord?

Third, my tip: I used to work at Pizza Hut, and the little plastic cups they use for sauces (like the breadstick sauce) worked great for the $10 handle of vodka/lime jello shots I made when I still lived in the dorms. Plus, they come with lids. I had an in so I got them free, but I'm sure if you asked they'd sell you some.

Love this blog!

I love the fact that you mention Sex on the Beach shots. I love that idea. My birthday is coming up, and it will be a full out jello shot party. Thank you for your tips!!

I would like to know this as well.

most of my combos require two different types of jello and make about 30-40 shots (but my containers are pretty small)

What is your recipe for the Sex on the Beach shot recipe?

Still confused about the proportions for the JAGER Jello shot...if I start with the large 6-oz. jello, what are the proportions for water/red bull/jager? Also saw somewhere on your site to use large box of jello, one cup Jager, 3 cups red bull (2 boiled/1 cold). Help!

I have also become the jello shot queen among my cohorts. I like to make my margarita jello shots with gummy worms in the bottom of each cup (not the sugar gummies). You could use gummy bears or Swedish fish for other flavors of jello. For my Caribbean shots I use coconut rum, pineapple jello, a maraschino cherry in the bottom of the cup and a bit of coconut sprinkled on top after they set up. Another favorite is grape jello and champagne with a grape or other small berry in the bottom of the cup. For easier slurping when using the plastic cups, a quick spray of "PAM" inside the each cup before filling makes the SLURP much easier. I always make some shots with and without the extras because some folks don't care for the novelties, they just wanna SLURP!

I just thought of another one to try when I saw the photo of your shots in the fridge. How about Knox no flavor gelatin, vodka, triple sec and an "OLIVE" for a Dirty Shot! Gonna' try it next time ... :-)

OOPS - I meant to put Vermouth instead of Triple Sec above. Sorry - just too excited over my new creation!

Im going up north this weekend and I REALLY want to try the red headed slut Jell-o shots Im just curious about the ratios of alcohol???

Im going up north this weekend and I REALLY want to try the red headed slut Jell-o shots Im just curious about the ratios of alcohol???

Great ideas! With the new rise in popularity in Arnold Palmers, what about John Daly jello shots. Lemon jello, vodka and tea, or tea flavored vodka, which is available.

Ever try mixing Resurrection Anti-hangover into a Jello shot? Stuff really works. Might be interesting

The most extensive list of jello shot recipes I've ever seen.

How many ounces are those little cups? I`m trying to figure out how many shots I will make with the double batch!

So awesome, thank you!

The only problem with the McDonald's cups is the paper doesn't stand up well to time. After a couple of hours, the jello stickiness seeps through the paper. Not a bad idea in theory, especially if the consumption of the shots is gonna happen rather quickly. I just tend to make upwards of a hundred or so and they last a little while.

Ya'll, these recipes are freakin LEGIT!!! We just used them at our New Years party and they were a HUGE hit!

im having a party this next weekend and i like to no the recipe for the rum & coke i see but i dnt no if you suppose to add water then the coke or do i just boil the coke and add the jello mix ? and also 4 the"orange tic tac do u add boil in water to these recipe or u just use the coke and red bull instead of water plz help

In your jager bomb do you add water also or cut it out and replace it with the warm red bull? im going to try this for the first time VIPs bday coming up. Can't wait to try them.

i wanna make the jager shots ones do boil just red bull and no water

thanks for the ideas, gonna try the Sex on the Beach. My suggestion, based one experience, is to use soft paper baking cups instead of the hard plastic cups. you peel it open and eat the entire shot at once or in 2 bites. easier than trying to get it ot of the hard plastic cups

Hey I was wondering what size of jello mixes you are using..the larger one or smaller one..most of them your adding a total of 4 cups so im assuming the larger packets?

the ratio is one cup alcohol one cup water for a small packet of jello. (in general) if there are four cups going in then it would either be two small jello packs or one large jello. does that help?

Jager bomb jellos are by far the best!!
I also did pineapple jello & mailbu rum :)

If you like jello shots you NEED a Jellinator. it's the ONLY WAY to make jello shots! you'll never go back to pouring them again, trust me! no mess and so much faster! check out the video on
love your blog and recipes btw :)

Can I just say THANKS! Jello shots are such a great way to have a good time with the girls. These are our favorite drinks, too. Thank you again!

Ummm...I'm not sure if I'm thrilled or NOT for finding this page!!! :) Thanks for sharing ... pool parties and boating season is HERE .... I can't wait ... first up will be the lemon drops (known as girl power in the house since it's the girl drink) ... Glad I found this!

This may be a dumb question... But how far in advance can you make jello shooters? Do they turn gummy if they're a week or two old?

What is your experience? :)


I was wondering typically how many jello shots you get out of each and which size of cups you are using because they look absolutely perfect! i will be making these next week for partybus :)) thanks soo much for the great idea.. also last year for my birthday i made regular vodka and jello and 1cup alcohol per 1cup jellos was wayy to strong it was basically like a shot of vodka.... thanks for your help :)))

The cups i get usually at kitchen supply stores. They are what you see for salad dressing at salad bars but are called "portion cups" and they come in 1, 2, or 3oz containers. Usually I go for the 2oz. the size you use determines how many you'll get but honestly im not positive, sorry! You can also use regular little dixie cups but these have lids which is nice if you want to take your party on the go!

Ive found that a a week is pushing it and any more time than that they get gummy for sure. A couple days is fine but any more than that I think the texture suffers.. but i dare you to try to wait a week before you eat them! I know I cant...

I am heading to Daytona Florida in July...These are perfect for our vaca!! Thank you so much!! ;)

My friends and I have made jello shots for the last few summers for different occasions. We actually freeze them for a few different reasons. 1. They last longer if they don't all get eaten right away. We usually make a huge batch then take a few with us each time we go golfing on Ladies Night. 2. They are a summer dessert for us here in North Dakota, so when it is hot, they are nice and refreshing and don't melt when we are out in the sun (even though we do keep them in a small cooler).

Thanks for the recipes, I can't wait to try some of them!!

can these also be made with the sugar free jello

Where is everyone finding Cranberry jello for the sex on the beach shots?

good to know about the freezing! sugar free is def ok. cran jello is sometimes very hard to find (dunno why) when i have to can sub another red berry

Wal-mart stocks the best variety of jell-o. Cranberry and watermelon are hard to find in the grocery stores. Also, in the paper product aisle they sell 2oz. cups w/ lids in packs of 50 for $3.00. If I could buy the alcohol there too I'd be set!

Our favorite is Purple Passion! We use grape jello and amaretto with boiled water. Yum!!

Do you boil the Coke for the Rum & Coke jello shots? Thank you.

This list is great! Tons of great ideas! I was thinking of trying Dr. Pepper with cherry jello and amaretto. This could be dangerous.

Walmart stocks 1 ounce and 2.5 ounce plastic cups with lids. I bought the 2.5 ounce at 50 cups for less than $4. They're in the aisle with the zip-lock bags.

Party City sells something similar, but it's 40 cups for $7.99.

Walmart also had an excellent selection of Jell-o at $0.62/box.

I'm doing jello shots minus the alcohol for my kid's birthday party and I got the little cups and lids like that from 50% off card shop btw. I have a question though. My Mom is convinced the jello will stick to the inside of the cups like crazy and that maybe I will need to spray them with PAM first. True? I assume you didn't have any issues with sticking. Does alcohol affect that though? I plan on just following the regular jello box instructions with nothing else added... Do you think it will stick?

How do you mix the red headed slut?

What alcohol would you use for mango jello?

how about peach schnapps?

I like to eat Jelly. Thanks for recipe. I'll try those with Vodka ;)

I urge all of you never to do this with Everclear. It might sounds like a good idea, but no. Just don't do it. It will ruin your week.

Hey mandi. Im turning 21 in december, & i am going to be having a HUGE party.. & i want to make sure i get these absolutely Perfect. Which recipes call for water, & which ones do not? Thanks.

You need the it..order it...fabulous time me on this...

they also have the covered shot cups at Walmart. I believe it is like $3 for 100 of them

How many shots does one regular box of jello make?

Is not my intention to blow up your recipe but if you boiled the champagne there will be no alcohol left (it will evaporate)...maybe the hangover you get with that one is a placebo

I did not see this question anywere above.
I am makeing some shots and taking to a party this weeekend.
How long can they be out of fridge?
Any suggestion on an easy way to transport?

as long as it's not too hot temperature you can have them out of the fridge for awhile. i have taken them around in my purse for nights out before.. haha. however, if you are going to have them out for a few hours i strongly suggest using the plastic portion cups with the lids (above), not the paper cups b/c the paper gets wet and they dont stay nice. if you use the plastic portion cups with lids you can just throw them into any bag or box and go!

nice stuff, i want some:)

Won't boiling the champagne remove the alcohol content from it? and is this possible to use with sugar free gello?

For the lemon lime shot, does the sprite replace the water or does it need a cup of each? I can't wait to try it our!!

sugar free is fine. for lemon lime the sprite replaces it.

Thanks for the informative page. I am 48 so was a little past the partying age when these became popular. Always wanted to make some but never knew what the 'formula' was. My first (and admittedly probably only) batch is cooling now. Just wanted to see what the fuss was all about. dlg

this looks soooo good! just to bad im only 16 years old :p

The easiest way to make the best Jello Shots is by getting one of the jello shot kits from - They come with the mix, cups, lids and easy directions.

jack daniels and cherry jello is amazing

where can u find those portion cups with the lids? I have looked around and am unable to locate any

tyler you can find them in kitchen supply stores or online.

You can get those little solo type cups with lids at Walmart now and they are way cheaper than a restaurant supply store:) I got a big package of them to send stuff in my daughters lunch but now I know another use for all those little buggers!!

Thank you! I live in the US and there is a Party City near me. Going to a picnic Sunday and I will be bringing these.

I haven't made these in forever - thanks for the reminder!

How many servings does one recipe yield?

We drink a Shoy called "Star Fucker". WAIT....don't ban me yet!!!! The drink is made with Watermelon Pucker, Cranberry Juice, Vodka, and Red Bull! Oh What A Fantastic Shot! I am going to try to make me some Jell-O shots for this! Thank You for the ideas! Now You can make this one!

Ok, so I'm confused. I would like to make the grape ones, and my own variation of raspberry rum, cranberry juice and sprite. Do I have to boil the pop/juice also?? Or just boil the water for the jello???


For the Fruit Punch one what would you boil? Since there are two alcohols, or does it not matter?

Do these taste sweet or like alcohol? I like sweet.

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