Thai Tuna Salad

    Thai flavors in a healthy twist on tuna salad


    • Tuna
    • Cucumber
    • Carrot
    • Coconut Milk
    • Fish Sauce
    • Sriracha
    • Lime Juice
    • Cilantro
    • Scallions
    • Peanuts


    1. Mix to your personal tastes. Put it on some mixed greens, top with peanuts and more lime.  Or, ya know, toss it in a sub roll or something.


    When I am eating healthy, tuna is a go-to lunch for me. Most tuna salad is pretty unhealthy because of the large amount of mayo, but I like to find new creative mixins. Normally I use avocado, but this time I tried to Thai it up with some coconut milk, sriracha, fish sauce, and lime juice. It came out awesome and I’m sure it will be a staple for me in the next few months.

    There is a chinese place next to my job. Like literally next door. It takes me 10 steps to walk there. Lunch costs 5 dollars for anything you want and it comes with crab rangoons. And if i walk to them to order, they do me a favor and walk it back to me when it’s ready. It’s seriously hard for me to not to cave, but when I have something like this in my lunch box, it makes it ok.