S’mores Cake

Both of my parents turn 60 this year, so my sisters and I planned a big surprise party for them. The party was this past weekend and it went better than I could have imagined! They were totally surprised and everyone seemed to have a great time. I made lots of tasty food, but the real showstopper was this crazy s'mores cake. Not only was it big and multi tiered, but I got to light it on fire at the party!
Each tier of this cake included a layer of graham cracker cake, a layer of chocolate cake, and a little bit of chocolate ganashe to hold it all together. To make the graham cracker cake, you start with graham crackers. Blend them up with some flour to make the main dry ingredients for the cake. Butter and sugar whisked up well. Then the yolks go in. Then of course your graham cracker mixture. Finally you lighten up the batter with some whipped egg whites. I also made a ton of chocolate cake batter. This bowl is pretty full but I think I can push it a little further... Hot coffee at the last minute. This is my all time favorite chocolate cake recipe and I use it all the time. Now THAT is a full bowl. All the layers are baked and cut. Then the ganashe goes on. I cut these down a little to make them more level and a little smaller. I didn't get any pictures of the frosting because I ended up doing it pretty late at night, but I used a swiss meringue recipe. After I frosted the whole cake, I let my sister and my cousin go crazy with the marshmallow design. Finally when it was time for dessert I took the cake out and hit it with the blow torch. I look like a psychopath in this picture. BURN! This added a fun show element to the dessert! I think it made people want to eat it more too.  I joked with my parents that we couldn't fit 60 candles on the cake, so I was just going to light the whole thing on fire. As you can imagine, this cake tasted really good. It hit all the right smores flavors, and was super indulgent, rich, and flavorful. The cake was demolished in about 15 minutes. There was only a few slices leftover!
The graham cracker cake recipe I used is from here The chocolate cake is here The marshmallow frosting and the ganashe.