Frozen Yogurt

    frozen yogurt from super scratch with homemade yogurt.


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    This frozen yogurt changed my mind about frozen yogurt. I used to think it was just a substitute for ice cream for people who were on a diet. Now I know it is its own thing with complex flavors that deserves its own place in the world. I made this froyo from super scratch and I am guessing that’s why everything tasted so good, but I am sure that if you got yourself a tub of some fresh yogurt and strained it out a bit, you would get a similar result.

    But me, I am the type who isn’t satisfied going half way, so let’s make some yogurt! Now where is Bessie, it’s milking time.

    Just kidding I don’t have a cow. This is 4 cups of whole milk in the pot. Stir often, and when it reaches 180, remove from heat. You may want to put it in the fridge at this point, cause the next step requires the milk to be at 112 degrees. If you leave it on the counter, this will take 2 wires. (Hours for people who don’t measure time by how many episodes of “the wire” they can fit in.) When the milk reaches 112, (where the playas dwell) take some of the milk and mix it with a half cup of yogurt. Then take that mix and throw it back into the pot with the rest of the milk and mix it all together. This method helps it all mix evenly.

    This is the OG way to make yogurt. The temp needs to stay between 95 and 110 for 4 to 8 hours. The Bermuda sun was able to hold mine above 95 for 5 hours, but it didn’t thicken as much as it could have had it been warmer for a longer time.

    This is after it had been in the fridge for 2 hours after it had been in the sun for the 5 hours. I wanted it to be really thick so I put it in this cheese cloth in the fridge to hang overnight.

    Looks much smaller! Again, if I had maintained a better temp for a bit longer, it would have been thicker in the first place and left me with more yogurt at this stage.

    Wow look how creamy! Fantastic! Tasty too!

    I poured a small box of raspberries into this pot with a little sugar (1/4 cup?) and a splash of water and put it on low stirring occasionally. 5 minutes later it looks like this. Don’t forget to put a pinch of salt in here!

    Get thoes nasty seeds out. Mandi likes them, but I DON’T.

    Wow look how thick this yogurt is!

    The syrup has cooled in the freezer for a half hour.

    Just mix it all together, throw it in the freezer for another half hour, then put it into the ice cream maker.

    After only abut 10 minutes in the ice cream maker, it looks like this.

    Put this BACK into the freezer for about a half hour, but you need to eat it soon cause it will freeze too hard! If you want to inhibit some of the freezing, you could add a shot of rum or some vanilla extract, but I wanted the flavors to be pure and simple.

    Creamy, tangy, slightly sweet.


    So easy guys right? You can all do this it only has like 5 ingredients!!! But DAAAANNNNN you forgot the main ingredient – 27 hours!!! Also you took 4 cups of milk and 27 hours to make one damn scoop of froyo? REALLY?

    Well, yea.  If this had sat longer in the right temperature range, it would have made more. Also, next time I will use a gallon of milk to make a much bigger batch. I have heard you can use powdered milk also to make the yogurt thicker. But let me tell you something. This was the best frozen yogurt I have ever had by a mile. I didn’t really like yogurt a year or so ago, but now I love it and if you love yogurt like me (actual natural plain yogurt) this is a real treat.

    The yogurt making is easy. About 8:1 ratio milk to yogurt. Use fresh yogurt that is still “alive”. Stonyfield with a far away expiration date worked great for me. heat the milk to 180, then bring it back to 112. put a bit into the yogurt, then mix it all back into the milk. Keep it between 95 and 110 for 4 – 8 hours, more than 6 is best. You can use a yogurt machine for this, or the sun like I did, but if you make yogurt outdoors, I suggest you use a thermometer. I have read that people turn the oven on low, then shut it off and put the yogurt batch in. I have also heard a pilot light on an oven will be enough to maintain the temp. Finally, the best part of making your own yogurt is making it super thick and creamy. Just wrap it in a cheesecloth and let it hang overnight!

    To make the froyo, be sure the yogurt is nice and cold. Make a fruit syrup if you want with some fruit a little water and sugar in a pot. I don’t like it overly sweet, so don’t use too much sugar! Cook it until it is jellyfish and strain some seeds out if you like. I used raspberry, but most berries would be great for this. Let this cool, and then mix it with the cold yogurt. Put this mix in the freezer AGAIN so it is nice and cold when it goes into the ice cream maker. Use ice cream maker to manufacturer’s instructions.