Flank Steak Hummus Roll Ups

This post brought to you by Sabra Dipping Co, LLC.. Hummus and beef may sound like a weird combination to us westerners who mainly use hummus as a dip for pita, but it's actually a fairly common combination in middle eastern food. In this flank steak recipe, the hummus is used not only as a seasoning for the meat but also as a glue to help bind the steak together. It's national hummus day on the 15th, and Sabra is really going all out for the day, I will give you some of the details on their fun giveaways at the end of the post.
Roasted red peppers ready to be peeled Spread the hummus on nice and thick. But wait a sec? Isnt this a skirt steak? Yes, it is. Flank steak is what you should use for this recipe, but they didnt have it at my store that day, so I had to resort to skirt steak. It still worked great cause I got a perfect peice of skirt steak that was uniform in size and thickness and very long, but i would suggest flank steak Arugula and thoes roasted red peppers go on next. Then just roll it up! Pretty pinwheels! in 3D! Grill it up for about 6 minutes a side for a nice medium. This was great on a bed of arugula. The juices and hummus from the meat seasons the greens as you eat. If you dont want to go through the work of rolling these up, or your store only has oddly shaped cuts of skirt steak, you can just make a salad instead with the roasted peppers, arugula, steak, and hummus as the dressing.  That's what I did with my leftovers and it was great!
Like Sabra on Facebook As I mentioned earlier, Sabra is pulling out all the stops for national hummus day. You can go to their facebook page for cupon giveaways and a free e-book (starting the 15th). Join their hashtag contest on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to win 100 gift cards. Or even enter their pintrest contest. For the steak, Seriouseats has a perfect tutorial for how to create flank steak pinwheels, that I could never come close to explaining as well, so I am going to just direct you there. Once you butcher the steak and have it laied out flat, spread on the hummus, and top with lits of arugula and a layer of roasted red peppers.  Roll up the steak and continue to follow the tutoarial, skewering and cutting the slices.  Grill the steak about 6 mintues a side to brown and cook to a perfect medium.  Let rest before serving over arugula. Visit Sponsor's Site

Flank Steak Hummus Roll Ups

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