Hot Dog Carbonara

    After messing up another recipe pretty bad, I made this trashy carbonara on a whim and it was fun, easy, and delicious.


    No ingredients could be found for this recipe.


    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    Sometimes a cooking failure is funny. Sometimes food doesn’t work the way you want but it still at least tastes good. But sometimes the whole ordeal is just pointless and stupid, you don’t even learn anything, and you are left with nothing to eat. Exhausted and starving I ransacked my cabinets for something, anything to cook, but I had previously depleted my supplies and was desperately in need of a grocery run. I almost always have eggs and pasta. I noticed some hidden cream and ricotta with lingering expiration dates. (thank you ultra pasteurization!) I just needed that one final linchpin ingredient to hold this recipe together. Sometimes in the summer my roommate keeps a pack of emergency hot dogs in the freezer. Sometimes you gotta make hot dog carbonara.

    Last time I made carbonara I was a wee blogger and didn’t understand yet that people really flip out if you make an iconic dish that isn’t EXACTLY the way they think it should be. So hopefully some of those mean people come back and see this hot dog carbonara so i can redeem myself. Cause this is how they eat it in Italy… right?

    Strain the pasta and put it right into the hot dog/oil/garlic mixture. Cook another minute or 2.

    Toss the hot pasta into the room-temp egg mixture and mix well. Add in some basil or whatever herb you have around.

    I wasn’t intending to post this at all, but it came out fun, funny, and delicious, so why not!