2ft Party Skin

    An extra long potato skin inspired by the TV show Delocated!


    No ingredients could be found for this recipe.


    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    Knock knock, who’s there? It’s the skins, let ’em innnnnn. Delocated! started it’s third season this month on Adult Swim and it’s just as hilarious as ever. This week, Jon became obsessed with potato skins after buying a skins bar. He made all sorts of skins, Italian skins, Chinese skins, Greek skins, Mexican skins, but the one I was most interested in was the 6ft party skin. I’m sure the one on the show was just a prop, but I was instantly intrigued and excited to try and make one for real.

    To me the funniest part about this gag is the 6ft long plate that the skin fits perfectly on. Did Jon buy this plate just for the skin? I actually went out to buy the longest plate I could find, then made the skin that long.

    It actually wasn’t that hard to make the long mutant potato. I cooked these in the oven at 350 for like an hour. I wanted them undercooked so that they would still be firm and not fall apart as I tried to mold and form them.

    My secret ingredient was this potato starch I have had in the pantry for awhile but never really found a use for until now.

    I mixed the starch with equal parts water to form a glue that I used to seal the skins together.

    I put the “glue” in between each segment and specifically where the skin overlapped. Then I pretty much shellacked the whole thing with a brush.

    I first baked it a bit with the skin side facing up, then flipped it, painted on some more glue, and filled some of the crevices with little chunks of potato and more potato glue, and baked it some more.

    When the potato is fully cooked, fill with bacon and cheddar and bake it some more.

    Finally top with sour cream and chives.

    All I need now is a ski mask!

    I actually haven’t had potato skins in awhile so I really enjoyed this.


    I’ve added some clips from the show for your viewing pleasure. The first one is the one with the party skin, and the second has a quick sample of the potato skin song and Jon talking about the skin varieties.

    YouTube video

    YouTube video

    Delocated! is on Thursdays at midnight on Adult Swim. Set your DVR!