Virmicelli with Leftover Banh Mi Ingredients

I was thinking of naming this something else, but lets call it what it is right? I added some nice touches though. Some garlic and chiles in with the meat, sesame oil and a hit of wasabi in the sauce. This was a quick and delicious dinner and it was what I consider “free”, made with only leftovers and stuff I had lying around. The flavors went perfect with the noodles and it was a close call on which I liked better, this or the burger.

All the ingredients lined up.

Beef with habaneros and garlic.

Noodles and sauce go in next. I removed it from the heat and added everything else.

Whoa, so good!

It reminded me of “bun” that you get at vietnameese restaurants. The cucumbers, carrots and cilantro kept it feeling light, while the beef and head cheese made it very savory. Half of the head cheese actually just melted right into the sauce and gave it a luscious characteristic. I was most excited for the wasabi, but honestly it got kinda lost.

Check out the banh mi post to see all the ingredients. I did equal parts fish sauce and sesame oil(bout 1/4 cup each i think?), 2 tablespoons of wasabi powder and squeeze of a lime for the sauce. Cook the beef, drain fat, add garlic and habs, next goes noodles and sauce, shut off the heat and add everything else.

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