Vietnamese Bun Pasta Salad

I tried to make Vietnamese Bun once before, but what I made wasn’t really bun, because I had never eaten bun and I was going off a vague description. Now that I have actually eaten it at a few places, I understand the dish better, and I love it! Where I messed up last time was that we thought it was fried but when I have had it out, the ingredients are usually raw (except the noodles and meats). The more I eat it, the more I realize that it is just a variation on pasta salad! This is a super simple way you can bring some of the flavors of Vietnamese bun to your next BBQ.

This pie chart does not actually represent the amounts of the things shown.

Sauce is fish sauce, sesame oil, sugar, and chile paste. You could grate some garlic in too if you felt like it.

Add the rice stick noodles and sauce to the veggies and your ready to go!

Soo tasty. I ate this for breakfast the next morning.

Served with the satay burgers from Monday. That is a large serving huh?


  1. Hi Dan!
    Your meal looks tasty but if you wanted it to be more authentic, make a real “fish sauce” called Nuoc Mam. It’s a combo of sugar, lime juice, garlic, fish sauce extract, coconut soda or water, and chili peppers if you wish. After all these years of never knowing and not caring, I finally caved and have been bugging my mom to pass all her vietnamese recipes to me so I can try to cook them!

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