Twice Baked Potato Chili Bowl

In my cell phone there has been a note for about a year to make twice baked potatoes with chili mixed in. I thought of the idea awhile back, but never fully conceptualized the dish and thats why I didn’t actually want to make it. Finally the other night I realized how the potatoes would come together and I couldn’t wait to make it! These potatoes came out creamy, spicy, savory, unique, and delicious. I suggest everyone to make them because they are a cool take on twice baked and not that hard to bring together!

First I made a simple chili. This is the onions, peppers, garlic, and chipotles sauteing away.

After adding the tomatoes.

After the potatoes bake, cut them in half and take the middle out.

If you mess up and cut through the skin, you can easily patch it up with some of the extra potatoes.

Things you top a potato or chili with for 500 please. Mash the insides with all these fillings.

So good!

Pipe the filling on top of the chili bowls.


Browned in the oven.

This was quite the tasty meal!

Almost looks like a normal twice baked potato.

But it has a secret surprise of chili in the middle!

You can use your favorite chili recipe. Mine was: first brown some ground beef and take it out of the pan. Cook an onion and a pepper sauteed for a few mintues, followed by garlic and habaneros, then chipotles. Add a mix of mostly cumin with a little bit of oregano and coriander, and a pinch of cinnamon, clove, and mustard seed. Add the beef back in. Next add 4 cans of tomatoes and let it simmer like an hour. lastly add beans and simmer another 30 minutes.

Bake the potatoes till tender, cut in half, and remove the middles into a bowl with cheddar, sour cream, chives, and butter.

Fill the potato skins with the chili, then pipe on the potatoes. Broil to brown the potatoes. Yum!


  1. Being from Wisconsin, I love this recipe and also vehemently feel that it needs more cheese!

  2. Wow, dude, these look ridiculous. Often times, I’ll take a baked potato and top it with some chili and cheese and such. These are the next level of potatoey goodness. I’m making these ASAP. Also – the piping of the potato on top is totally what I’ve been missing from my twice-baked potatoes. Love it.

  3. I think I agree with Joe, more cheese is always needed. However I think the Chili looks deeelish! and the whole thing looks wicked pretty, two thumbs up!

  4. I made these this weekend….sooooo good! (I used a personal slow-cooker chili with chunks of beef, but it didn’t make a difference…)
    Definitely need to make sure to leave enough potato in the skin to keep it intact, though…

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