Aloe Mango Lassi

Ever since reading this post on preparing aloe, I have been dying to try it!!! Fans of TFimB will know that anytime I can make food that is not from the grocery store, I jump at the chance! Wild bananas and banana leaves are a few examples of doing this in the past. I am leaving Bermuda very soon, so I knew the clock was ticking down on a chance to cook wild aloe. Finally this weekend provided the perfect chance hanging out cooking with Mandi and Amy.

Is anybody out there today? I just realized the US has the day off today so a lot of my workforce following won’t be checking the site today. But I am not posting on Monday, so you guys can look at this then! See ya next Tuesday!

Jello Shots!

Jello Shots!

When most people think jello shots, they immediately flash back to some college party where there were two types of jello shots: green with a handle of ten dollar vodka and yellow with a handle of ten dollar rum. Pretty much the goal with those is to get it down without ever really tasting it. THESE jello shots are different. Each one is based on a real cocktail and is thoughtfully prepared with different ingredients. The list of jello shots has been growing since college and keeps expanding still!

The basic method is as follows: boil one cup of water, add one packet of jello, mix two minutes (don’t skimp on this it will be grainy!), add one cup alcohol, pour into little cups. If you are using two packets or one large box then this doubles to: boil two cups of water, add jello, mix two minutes, add two cups alcohol, pour into cups. If you remember this you can make pretty much any shot your mind can create!!! I will include a list at the end of all the variations I’ve come up with thus-far. The pics are of some of the recipes that deviate slightly from my basic method. Along with a couple pics of the process…