Baked Beans

I had a few friends visiting all weekend. I knew I wanted to cook something good for them, but I also knew that once they arrived I wouldn’t have much time to put a lot of effort into a meal. My plan was wake up on Friday morning at 8am and cook all morning until they arrived at 1:30. Everything went really well! Tomorrow I will post the pulled pork sandwich I made that morning, but today I have some simple yet amazing baked beans. I have to say that recently, I have been very proud of the number of original recipes on the website. I have been improvising and having fun in the kitchen and posting many less recipes directly from another source. Today and tomorrow however are pretty much direct from other places. These recipes were so amazing that I just couldn’t pass them up! These are Alton Brown’s baked beans. They are one of the highest user rated recipes I have ever seen on the whole FN site.