Sundried Tomato and Herb Biscotti

Do you guys like biscotti? I have hated it since I was very young! Why all the hate Dan? I mean, you could easily be indifferent, but hate? Well growing up in an Italian family, one of my earliest memories was sitting in a kitchen in my Great Aunts house enjoying a glass of milk. “Would you like some cookies?” my aunt asked. Cookies??? YES I would like some cookies! I’m 5 years old! But the cookies she spoke of were biscotti. Dry, brittle, not very sweet, this is not a cookie to a 5 year old kid. Biscotti has brought back bad memories ever since that day. For some reason on Saturday morning, hungover watching food network, I saw Giada making savory biscotti and I thought “Me want”. I made them that afternoon. Did they take away bad memories of biscotti forever? No. Have they slowly been disappearing from the counter all week? Yes.

I did a little tweak on her recipe by adding sundried tomatoes with the herbs.

I mixed them in with the eggs.

The biscotti log.

If you didn’t know, biscotti means twice baked in Italian. I just made something twice baked on Monday!

So cut the baked log, spread them on the baking sheet, and bake again.

Pretty tasty, nothing amazing, but a nice thing to have on a plate in the kitchen all week.

Follow her recipe, but mix 5 food processed sun dried tomatoes in with the eggs.

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