Spring Bulgur Bowl

Since New Years, I have been thinking about attempting to maybe try and potentially possibly entertain the idea of eating slightly healthier. During the first 3 months of every year, I can usually find the time to give my body a bit of a detox, but this year my schedule is very different and I have been having a bit of trouble figuring it all out. This week I have finally been doing pretty well. Smoothies for breakfast, cutting out meat in many meals, and healthy snacking are the three main signs that I have been doing a good job! I think the spring feel in the air has helped me out a bit. I pulled this bulgur bowl together pretty quick a few nights ago and it was filling, tasty, and even satisfied my meat loving roomate.

These are things I like to see in the spring. We are not quite there yet in reality, but I can pretend right?

Ive never made a “tofu scramble” before, but it was pretty easy and awesome.

Red onions as the tofu gets nicely browned.

Then I added the leaf and asparagus and let the dandelion wilt. After a few minutes, in goes the cooked bulgur and some mint. Splash some lemon juice, soy sauce and agave nectar and enjoy.

I love a meal where you can just grab a fork and go to to town.

This would go great as a side with some grilled chicken, but I liked it just as is.

For the tofu, get extra firm, dry it out, and break it up into chunks with your hands. Dry it more, then fry it up. Add some diced red onion, next garlic, then asparagus and dandelion greens. Add some cooked bulgur, mint, lemon, soy sauce, and agave nectar. cook 2 minutes, stirring often. Serve

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