Spicy Chicken Patty

Some food ideas just get stuck in my mind and dont go away until I make them. It’s like that song that is stuck in your head until you finally listen to it. This was kind of a silly meal that I didn’t make for awhile because it seemed dumb. Why would you ever make a chicken patty? If you want a breaded chicken sandwich, why not just make a breaded chicken breast for the sandwich. Also, I needed to serve it to the right crowd. Still this idea would not go away. This Saturday I had just the right crowd over, and my friend was telling a story about how he craves the spicy chicken patties he used to eat in high school. I made these things a few hours later!

We wanted them to be spicy! I kept ALL the seeds.

Cooking the chicken with the peppers and onions.

Process with garlic and cilantro.

The mixture is a weird texture.  I added some chipotle powder to it.

The patties surprisingly formed really easily.

Flour, egg, breadcrumbs.

Pretty good.

These were good, but could have been much better with 3 additions. 1, thinner. Like about half the width. 2, juicier, Maybe some butter in the food processor would have helped with that? 3, some homemade sauce to put on them like a flavored mayo or oil. Otherwise, they were actually pretty fun to make and eat!

Cook some chicken with olive oil, butter, onion, and jalapenos. Food process the mixture with garlic and cilantro. Form patties, bread, fry, serve on a roll.


  1. Robin,
    I don’t think they would taste like chicken patty any more, they would probably taste like a chicken burger. I think?

  2. For “jucier”- brine the chicken before you first cook it to keep the moistness in… make sure you rest the chicken before chopping… add and egg to the mixture?

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