Scallop “S’more”

I was looking up ideas for a grilled scallop dish when I saw a picture that had scallops on a skewer that looked like marshmallows. This got my mind rolling in a ton of different ways that involved scallops as a marshmallow replacement. The problem with this dish is that s’mores are pretty much the best thing on the earth. When you make one thing look like another, you need to be sure that the new thing is just as tasty as the old. These scallop s’mores were pretty incredible, but there is nothing that can contend with real s’mores in the flavor department. I am not even that big on sweets but I still think they are the best. I recommend having some marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers ready to go for dessert after you make these scallop apps.

Scallops on the skewer ready to go.

Rolling out the pizza dough real thin.

Eggplant was my sub for chocolate because of the black color of the skin.

Grilling the bread squares

Eggplant going on the grill salted and oiled.

Roasting Marshmallows on an open fire.  This picture was just a joke, actually put the scallops ON the grill.

Some fresh olive oil helped the flavors meld and adds moisture. I put a dab of siracha on mine also.


Looks like a s’more right?

These were actually easier to eat open faced, and had a better ratio of bread to scallop, but that’s no fun.

Later for dinner we just ate some marinated swordfish, onion and zucchini kabobs over couscous..

The cous cous had cuke, arugula, tomato, and some dressing of raw garlic, meyer lemon, and olive oil.

Great grilling end of summer night.

You guys want a recipe? Everything was pretty self explanatory. The pizza dough was store bought and everything else was just fresh and salted.  As for the meal, I have done dishes like that here and here


  1. The cous cous also had red wine vinegar 🙂
    So good, I definitely want to make these again soon! I am spoiled when your home!

  2. I clearly need to be home more often at dinner time. I have missed a lot of really good food. (Not that we haven’t had good food when I’m here!)

  3. mmmmm that looks so good. I want a s’more NOW!
    Dan- next time you are in Brighton I would appreciate it if you made something delicious for me that you can post on here… 🙂 Thanks!

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