Sausagefest 2010!

Normally, when a party is a sausagefest, it is not a good thing. In this situation however, it was awesome! Here is some fun pics of my friends enjoying an array of sausages and good times on the beach last weekend. Happy B-day Kim!

The sausages all frozen in the morning ready to go to the party.

At the beach I laid them out to thaw a bit. What an awesome sight!

Kim rocking the Frisbee horseshoe solo cup game.

Bill is prepping the coals

It had been so long since I cooked on the beach! It felt great. What am I doing in this picture? I am going to guess using 2 grill grates as tongs to move flaming coals from one grill to the other.

Very pumped about the links. These are the mash potato green bean ones.

There was also pasta salad, but no plates yet! They arrived shortly after.

Checking the grill for heat. If you can leave your hand there for 1 second only, it is on high. 2/3 for medium and 5 for low.

Missy controlled the grills for awhile. Here she is focused on one lonely hot dog.

Get that dog with its friends!

Again, very excited about the links.

Caught off guard stuffing your face!

point a camera at this guy, and this is what happens.

Who eats burgers at sausagefest?

I love Kim in the background of this picture. Scowling and drinking from an amazing chalice.

Missy was so focused! Great work!

We kept having to do the flip off the grill method cause there were no tongs.

John called this move “the snatch and grab” which doesn’t make sense at all.

John loves doing the face-stuff shot for me, but this time it backfired on him!

No, seriously. What is it.

I feel like I walked around this party asking for face stuff shots.

The green curry sausages.

What a good time! Kim we should do this again before it is too late! How about labor day? hahah.

sausages were:
green curry
green bean mashed potato
and maple-chipotle dogs.


  1. That my friend is a mini hamburger cookie. I think Amy made them. Delish might I add.
    Those hot dogs were so good! What a great party Kimma & great job Dan w/ Sausagefest 2010!

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