Rib Hash

This isn’t much of a blog post, but something is better than nothing right? Besides I wanted to share this one because I wasn’t really expecting anything as I made it but it was so good I had to run and grab my camera. Have you guys been eating delicious summer BBQ? Grilling is fun, but i’m talking about real BBQ and all it’s smokey glory. I have had it a few times this year, but not nearly enough. When I ate these ribs I was dreaming about them all night so when I woke I had to eat them again!

The BBQ from the night before.

Everything shredded and mashed.

Made into a nice patty.

Flattened and fried in the pan on high till browned, flip, repeat.

Serve with eggs over easy.


  1. Those ribs look pretty amazing. I’ve been doing a lot of grilling/smoking but I haven’t tackled ribs yet. I think I’m going to have to do a mesquite/whiskey combo soon.

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