We Can Pickle That!

The new season of Portlandia started this past friday. I was planning on "putting a bird on it" for the premiere. Making some risotto or a salad or something, and topping it with a roasted quail, squab, or some equally small game bird. Unfortunately, turns out fresh quail and squab retails around 30 bucks PER EACH BIRD! I settled on not making anything and went out and got a burger with a friend before watching the episode. Turns out, Fred and Carrie had my back and actually opened the season with a food themed skit with the same characters from the classic put a bird on it! This time around, instead of putting birds on things, they were pickling anything in sight. Too many eggs? We can pickle that! Dropped your ice cream cone? We can pickle that! Broke a heel on your shoe? We can pickle that! I was already planning on making 2 things this week that involved quick-pickled veggies so it worked out perfect. The first is with the hot peppers and will be posted tomorrow, and the second with the cabbage will be posted later this week.  We can pickle that!
Hello Bryce Shivers and Lisa Eversmith!  Hot peppers are my favorite quick pickle subject. Not sure if I've ever done cabbage though. Guys! We can pickle that! (note, tongs only needed when canning and jarring, but they used them in the skit so I thought it was funny. I don't want to confuse anyone.) A few toppings to add flavor.  What a boring little jar, I should put a bird on it. The liquid is a mix of white vinegar and rice wine vinegar. Add some salt and sugar, bring to a boil, and pour over your pickle subjects.
We can pickle anything! Boil a mix of straight white vinegar and a flavored version like cider or rice wine or balsamic and pour it into a jar over the veggie of your choice. When doing the quick pickle technique that I love so much, it's important to slice things somewhat thin so they pickle faster. I always add sugar, a clove of garlic or two, and some peppercorns or maybe coriander and mustard seeds. Sometimes I like to add some dried chiles if the thing I am pickling isn't already spicy. These quick pickles are good to eat sometimes as soon as an hour later, but can keep getting better for up to a week and go bad in around 3 weeks to a month but it could be sooner depending on what you are pickling. Remember, pickles always cost a nickle. We can pickle that! Never seen Portlandia? Here is Bryce and Lisa putting birds on things last season.  I guess he grew a mustache over the break!