Thai Style Pork Ribs

    These ribs are from the Pok Pok Cookbook and are easy to make, super satisfying, and a refreshing take on ribs.


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I have been all over the Pok Pok cookbook recently. I noticed the rib recipe only a few days before New Year’s Eve, and I instantly knew it would be perfect for the party. What is great about a dish like this is that you can just pop it into the oven and let it cook on it’s own. You can spend your time hanging out with her friends instead of slaving away on the food! The only difference between this and the recipe from the book, is that I used the full ribs instead of the ones that are sliced in half.

    Make the sauce, pour it on the ribs, and let it marinade a few hours before you pop it into the oven.

    Since I was cooking the ribs in a deep baking dish like this, I had to stir them a few times during cooking. I made sure to stir them up evenly so that they got a nice even browning.

    These ribs were fantastic and we pretty much crushed them in only a few minutes.

    You want these to have a little chew to them and not be “fall off the bone” tender. I think I struck a perfect line where they were still tender enough for me and my friends American preferences, but had a nice chew to them and weren’t falling apart at all.
    The dipping sauce is in the book as well and it is nice and sour and pungent and pairs perfect with the sweet sticky ribs.

    This recipe is directly from a cookbook so I will not be transcribing it here, but you can find it on this website.