Striped Pasta


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    No instructions could be found for this recipe.


    EDITORS NOTE: This is the first blog post I ever wrote. It’s pretty bad! I used to do prep on my coffee table in a tiny apartment in Bermuda. But I love it because even though it is very different from what I do now, there is a certain similarity to the feel and flow of it.  When I wrote this post, I had no intention of anything coming from this blog.  I wasn’t planning on eventually leaving my computer science career or writing cookbooks.  It was just for fun to document some of the interesting stuff I was trying out in the kitchen. So here it is!

    These pictures were taken with my cell phone because my camera was dead. I plan on buying a new camera in the next few months and the picture quality here will improve drastically. I recently made lasagna rolls at my apartment but wanted to make it different so I tried experimenting with different color pasta dough.

    I first used a basil puree to color one dough


    The next is colored with tomato paste


    Placethe colored strips onto the rolled sheet of plain dough

    Let the pasta dry.

    Fresh pasta only needs a few minutes in boiling water



    This is the moment I realized that this may not be the best application for the striped pasta sheets

    Again, Sorry about the bad quality pictures, I am getting the new camera soon!