Strawberry and Roast Pork Baguette

    A delicious sandwich layered with roasted pork, strawberries, kale, goat cheese, and onion.


    • 1 Pound Pork Loin Roast
    • Salt, Pepper, Oregano
    • Baugette
    • Strawberries
    • Onion
    • Baby Kale
    • Goat Cheese
    • Balsamic


    1. I had a 1 lb pork loin roast. Coat with oil, salt, pepper, and oregano, and roast at 500 for about 30 minutes. Pull when it hits a little above 140 degrees, and it should carry over to a perfect 150. Collect the jus and mix with some balsamic vinegar. After the pork sits about 15 minutes, slice very thin, again collecting the jus for your balsamic mixture. Cut a baguette, spoon on some of the balsamic jus on both sides. Spread on the cheese, then layer up thinly sliced strawberries, pork, onion, and baby kale (or other bitter greens).


    I’m lucky enough to be in Southern California this week. ┬áHere, where strawberry season is in full swing, I can’t remember ever tasting a strawberry this amazing. So juicy, meaty, and sweet, they almost tasted the way fake strawberry candy tastes. I went to a farmers market and bought a ton of the plump strawberries, some local goat cheese, and baby kale, and this sandwich idea was born.

    We actually got all the ingredients(except the balsamic) at the farmers market and everything was super fresh and delicious. I mixed the jus from the roast pork with the balsamic to make a tasty sauce for this sandwich.

    Did I mention that the strawberries were amazing?

    The bread was from the market too. Toast lightly, then balsamic.

    Spread the cheese on both sides, then build the sandwich.

    The colors on this sandwich are fantastically vibrant.

    Cut into more manageable portions.

    This sandwich has everything! Sweet from the strawberries, savory from the pork, creamy from the cheese, sour from the vinegar, bitter from the greens, and the perfect crunch from the bread.