Spicy Pineapple Roll

After coring a fresh pineapple recently, I had the urge to stuff it with something. This idea wasn't going to leave my head until I finally did it, so this past weekend I made it happen. The recipe came together really easy, sushi rice would be perfect for the stuffing, some jalapeno for heat, sriracha for the savory element, and tempura flake to add crunch. Easy, creative, impressive, and delicious, everyone should make this!
I felt the need to skin the jalapenos. I was worried that if i skipped this step, the jalapenos would not cut as easily in the final product and possibly mess everything up.I was glad I did this step because it only took a few minutes to do 4 jalapenos, and it turned out I only needed 2 and a half anyways. Next take out the middles. Nice little jalapeno shells. Core the pineapple. Make sure to get a nice ripe pineapple so it has a small core. Drop the jalapeno rings into the pineapple core. Then just stuff the sushi rice in there! I used the back end of a chopstick to do this and it kinda felt like I was loading a cannon. So at this point, my slight skepticism turned into excitement. Just start carefully trimming the excess pineapple. I saved it all and ate it with breakfast the next morning. Perfect. Before I sliced it, I fried up some quick tempura flakes. The crunch was essential to the dish. Some sriracha finishes it off. These were really tasty and fun to make! The only issue is that if you are trying to make them for a party you will need to buy like 10 pineapples, and you will have a lot of leftover pineapple!
I follow this recipe every time I make sushi rice. (but with less salt) The tempura was ice cubes with 1 cup of soda water, 1 ¼ cup flour, and 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Drizzle it into hot oil to make the flakes. After that, it's all about assembly. Follow the photos and you should be all set!